Oppenheim Architecture Unveils Jali Hotel and Residences

Oppenheim Architecture Unveils Jali Hotel and Residences

Oppenheim Architecture has unveiled its designs for the Jali Hotel and Residences. Located on Albania's southern coast, the project will spring from its incredible landscape and seaside, seeking to satisfy the wanderlust of approximately 6 million travelers who flock to Albania every year.

Oppenheim's European and U.S. design principals studied, distilled and evolved the local architectural heritage and spirit of the land to create a sympathetic and timeless response within the resort. The result is an artful choreography of tightly clustered buildings, generous communal spaces, and local materials in a sensitive reinterpretation of the traditional Albanian coastal town.

Growing the destination's profile and tourism economy, the cultural center provides space to socialize, shop and refresh with opportunities to indulge in local cuisine and relaxing amenities-including a world-class spa, fitness suite, casino, and beachside club. Guests will be able to rest in a myriad of beach bungalows and suites, private and hotel-operated apartments, and private villas.

Images: Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

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