Backyard Cottage in Seattle's Central Area by Fivedot

Backyard Cottage in Seattle's Central Area by Fivedot

Fivedot recently completed a backyard cottage which is part primary dwelling, part urban oasis. Located in Seattle's Central Area neighborhood, the 800-square-foot home (DADU) is designed for an active couple who were looking to create a space that served as a refuge and as a starting point for their many adventures, including rock climbing.

The home is an L-shaped plan that creates a courtyard accessible from both the living area and the bedroom, both on the same level. Serving as an object to anchor the courtyard, the garage also provides ample storage and workshop space, as well as has a mini climbing wall on its exterior.

The main house is built of natural materials that will require little maintenance and reflect the simple nature of the space. The home is wrapped in Yakisugi (burnt Japanese cyprus), the floor is polished concrete, and the casework is Oregon white oak. The skylight above the shower bathes the milestone walls in light creating a spa-like atmosphere which is a nice thing to come home to after a week-long climbing adventure. Instead of roof or attic access ladders, climbing holds were installed to provide access to the rooftop and utility areas.

Photography: Mark Woods


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