The New Raw Crafts Beach Furniture from Upcycled Marine Plastic Waste

The New Raw Crafts Beach Furniture from Upcycled Marine Plastic Waste

The New Raw has unveiled The Elements, a limited edition beach furniture collection digitally crafted from upcycled marine plastic waste via robotic 3D printing. The collection embodies the ambition of the designers to give new life to discarded materials through design, robots and craftsmanship.

Each piece of the collection, originally designed for Coca-Cola in Greece, is made with 80% recycled marine plastic and is 100% recyclable to potentially become the raw material of future products. The collection has been installed in six beaches located in some of the most famous locations in Greece from Glyfada (near Athens in the Attica region) to the islands of Crete (Chania beach), Rhodes (Elli beach), Kefalonia (Skala beach) and Kythnos (Loutra and Agios Dimitrios beaches).

The collection includes three different products in two different color tones (Aqua and Sand): a fitting room, footpath, and sunbed. Their sculptural forms consist of soft & wavy surfaces that smoothly surround the user and offer a pleasant experience.

"Plastic is a major contributor to the pollution of the seas. However, living in urban regions, we tend to forget about our dependence on the sea that is related to food and oxygen supply," commented Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki, co-founders of The New Raw. "With The Elements, we wanted to give new life to plastics collected from the sea and provide useful and functional objects with a strong storytelling value."

The encoded 3D textures act equally as ornaments and functional components to achieve 'climatic comfort' during use, through natural air ventilation, light irradiation, water drainage, and cooling. Moreover, the geometries have been engineered to minimize printing time and assembly.

Photos: Courtesy of The New Raw

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