Fragment by Inclume for Gaggenau London Showroom

Fragment by Inclume for Gaggenau London Showroom

Inclume recently created a window installation for Gaggenau's London showroom. The Fragment installation represents the craftsmanship that Gaggenau has pursued since its founding as a hammer mill and nail forge, in 1683. It is an abstract interpretation of the story of the brand: 'It began with a spark.'

Taking advantage of the constraints presented by the medium of paper, the polygon forms can be interpreted as fragments of Gaggenau appliances, emerging at the center like sparks from a furnace and forming a conceptual representation of an appliance towards the more ordered edges. The paper gives the piece tactility and texture, much like the handcrafted nature of working with metals. The 3D appearance of the installation provides great complexity and intrigue; the grid-like system of hanging elements suspends the paper elements to form an ethereal mirage of fragments in space and time and includes several forged nails across varying focal points of the window.

The colors reflect the history of the Gaggenau brand, with the black signifying the roots of the brand at the edge of the Black Forest in Germany, and the orange representing the roaring fires of the furnaces used to craft the appliances.

Photos: Courtesy of Inclume


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