New Quickbooks Card Reader Designed by Box Clever

New Quickbooks Card Reader Designed by Box Clever

The Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader, designed by Box Clever in collaboration with Intuit's internal design team, is a new innovative payments device created for today's small business owners and integrated with QuickBooks Payments. The card reader is the latest fintech offering to help small businesses get paid faster, no matter how or where they work.

The brief from Intuit was to develop a highly differentiated payments hardware that meets the evolving needs of small business owners as they build their companies. It was important to stand out from current options on the market, addressing existing points of friction while creating a holistic physical design language that reflected the core attributes of the Intuit QuickBooks brand. The design teams developed a product and user experience that integrates a visual display in a slim elegant form, creating a communicative and simple end-to-end payment experience for small business owners and their customers.

"Taking visual inspiration from both the circular shape of the Intuit QuickBooks logo and from the round forms of coins, representing transactions, we set about developing a slim, mobile, product that integrated an industry-first LED display, with a cut sculpted from the form to represent the front of the product where customers either Tap or Insert to pay," Box Clever team commented. "The form was designed to be seamless, inviting, and fits naturally in the hand - simple and intuitive on the outside, complex and innovative on the inside. Choosing a display-enabled product was a bold choice by Intuit QuickBooks, yet it strategically opened up a world of possibility for the design team to remove the friction that both small businesses and their customers experience in mobile payments. Competitive products have lights and beeps that do not clearly indicate what the payment status is, nor what the customer should do next; with the QuickBooks Card Reader, the goal was to make each step clear and understood, creating a more professional, confident and delightful experience.

"Beyond providing clear communication of the transaction journey, the team also learned of additional capabilities that customers wanted to have on the device through iterative research using prototype UI experiences and an interactive methodology encouraging small business owners to design their ideal features. Tipping was a key feature they expressed they would value, and so the team designed the ability for a customer to add a Tip directly on the Card Reader, with the customization option in the App for the tip amount to either be a percentage or a dollar amount."

Photos: Courtesy of Box Clever

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