Green Product Award 2022

Green Product Award 2022

The Green Product Award 2022 is now open for submissions. The awards program aims to honor products and services already launched on the market that stand out in the areas of sustainability, innovation and design.

The award is presented in twelve categories: Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, New Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Handicraft, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Kitchen, Mobility, Sport and Workspace are the areas in which products and services can be presented and will be judged. An award will be given to the entries that make a special contribution to a sustainable lifestyle.

The winners will be selected in a three-stage award process: After a 'Pre-Selection', the Nominees for the Green Product Award 2022 will be announced in mid-December 2021. In addition to the expert jury, the Audience Award will be determined by a public voting until the end of January.

The submission deadline is November 11, 2021.

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Green Product Award