Bluespace Creates Inspiring Workplace for Pikl

Bluespace Creates Inspiring Workplace for Pikl

Bluespace recently completed an office refurbishment project for Pikl showcasing how minimalism can be used in a corporate office while still creating a strong sense of brand identity.

Supplying bespoke furniture in partnership with Quanstrom Studios for Pikl's new space, Bluespace incorporated functionality with minimalist design to create a unique and fresh office space. The Banquette Seating within their breakout space creates a truly modern space. With breakout spaces being highly requested within the past year, the design team worked hard to create a relaxing environment for employees to enjoy during their breaks from work.

The contemporary Wooden Bench Desking enables an open-plan office space that encourages collaborative working. Partitions are often seen as dated but are still required in most office spaces, so Bluespace's innovative solution is to install Komfort frameless glass partitioning throughout, alongside a glass sliding folding wall. The use of glass enables natural light from the unique windows to flow throughout the space, keeping it light and modern. In addition, Bluespace cleverly utilized the unusual circular shape of the windows throughout the accessories within the design, specifically within the light fixtures which are rounded throughout. This created fluidity within the space, with the fixtures providing natural lines which flow from one space to the next.

The Mono Giant Table situated in the center of the open-plan office provides optimal seating capacity, with ergonomic Elite seating to go alongside to ensure comfort throughout use. In keeping with the focus on both style and functionality, modular lockers were installed with contrasting colored doors which adds a dash of color to the space.

Photos: Courtesy of Bluespace


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