Ambientec Debuts HYMN by Hiroto Yoshizoe

Ambientec Debuts HYMN by Hiroto Yoshizoe

Ambientec has unveiled 'HYMN,' a contemporary interpretation of a traditional chamberstick, combining the effect of lens and magnetism to create the enchanting magic of a candle flame. Designed by Hiroto Yoshizoe, the rechargeable portable lamp brings the charm of an antique heirloom into the world of modern light design.

Fascinated by the motion of light, Ambientec's founder and CEO Yoshinori Kuno was struck by Hiroto Yoshizoe's ability to translate the hypnotic dynamism of a candle flame into a luminous modern design object. The project took two years of research and development.

A distinctive element of HYMN is the pendulum in movement thanks to the repulsive force of magnets. "HYMN avoids being a slavish imitation of a flame," explained Kuno. "Beginning with Hiroto Yoshizoe's inspired idea and respecting its originality, we chose not to fall into the trap of a realistic, didactic effect. Rather, we aimed to create a new concept of intimate, moving light by combining LED technology, magnets and lens in an unexpected way."

Hiroto Yoshizoe has designed HYMN as an essential, extremely modern candle holder, with a base and handle made of anodized aluminum in gold or black finishing. A small lens in transparent acrylic material lies on a thin metal holder: a kind of luminous pendulum, ready to sway and rotate.

When switched on, the electric current of HYMN activates two magnets which, with their invisible force, brings movement to the pendulum lens. These tiny, constant oscillations, following a vibrant and unpredictable rhythm, along with the refraction of the 2000K LED light by the lens, create the delicate and warm glow of a real candle. When switched off, the lamp releases one last glow like a real candle, before extinguishing completely.

Waterproof and ultra-durable, HYMN is perfect for all environments, including outdoor spaces, balconies, and gardens.

Photography: Rie Amano