Speck Design and Bristol-Myers-Squibb Partner to Create O+Y Tool

Speck Design and Bristol-Myers-Squibb Partner to Create O+Y Tool

Speck Design recently created a demonstration device for Bristol-Myers-Squibb that shows a new way to fight cancer. The O+Y Tool was an exercise in empathy for their team and a creative solution for bridging the gap between complex medical concepts and wholistic patient care.

The O+ Y demonstration device is a way for caregivers to demonstrate how the OPDIVO + YERVOY drugs work together to potentially help a patient's immune systems launch life-saving responses to cancer. Not only informative but a visual representation of hope for the patient and a way for physicians to give more human-centered care.

The challenge from BMS to Speck Design was clear from the start: the tool needed to allow doctors to convey complex medical processes to patients who were often going through a difficult time of life and could be sensitive or distracted. At the same time, the tool had to convey all the information necessary for the cancer patients to truly understand their treatment. Finally, and critically, this tool needed to foster an interaction of ease and positivity. The design team developed the O + Y tool, which simplified the doctor's high-level concepts while simultaneously creating comfort and easing tension.

Drawing inspiration from the client's patient-centered philosophy and Speck Design's company-wide commitment to 'design with purpose,' the team started by seeking to understand the target patient experience. The Speck Design team understood the procedure itself and how a grief-stricken cancer patient may perceive or even misunderstand the complexities of the drugs' interactions. By striving to gain the patient's perspective, the team identified where any confusion could arise and the best way to bring clarity through the use of the O +Y tool. Plus, drawing inspiration from educational toys and the form of T Cells, the Speck Design teams were able to create a patient and doctor experience that would suit the needs of both parties.

The soft-edged orb-like shape of the tool serves as a more palatable representation of a cancer cell. At the same time, the two orbs representing the OPDIVO + YERVOY drugs clearly show a dual interaction for maximum efficacy. The use of soft glowing light is engaging and easy to watch and clearly shows a direct correlation between the use of both medicines and the degradation of the cancer cell.

Beyond the visually impressive demonstration experience the tool creates, it also allows for a simple yet informative presentation sympathetic to a patient's needs. It enables patients to easily understand the complex, life-saving results of the two drugs in a visual manner free from distraction. This level of simplicity allows a doctor to meet their patients on a human level during a challenging time, ultimately giving them comfort and hope.

Photos: Courtesy of Speck Design

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