Perkins&Will Designs Connected Office for Signify Health

Perkins&Will Designs Connected Office for Signify Health

Perkins&Will's Dallas studio recently created a connected workplace for Signify Health that nurtures its mission-driven culture and focuses on wellness for its employees.

Signify is a company built for a purpose: to enable more happy, healthy days at home. The firm has built a leading healthcare platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs to deliver on that mission. The people who work at Signify have a common purpose of inventing ways to help families, neighbors, and our country to live better. This kind of work attracts a diverse group of talented people who come together to solve some of healthcare's most complex challenges.

Signify desired interiors and a strategy that offered a refreshed sense of connectivity to bring together its culture and people. Working in tandem with the Signify team, Perkins&Will developed a wide variety of appropriate space solutions for the company's differing needs. The design team equipped the flexible office with collaborative work areas dispersed with meeting and breakout rooms to form 'workplace neighborhoods.' The intention was to create transparency and accessibility, similar to a 'living organism,' thereby tying the design theme back to healthcare and the company's dedication to well-being.

A must-have feature for the renovation was the monumental staircase to physically and metaphorically represent connectivity.

Perkins&Will incorporated sustainable elements throughout the project, inspired by the three certification programs: LEED, Well, and FitWell. The finished materials selected for Signify Health's office interiors were vetted through Perkins&Will's material health program, which is committed to reducing and eliminating any substances of concern in the built environment linked to negative impacts on human health.

Photography: Peter Molick

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