BuzziSpace Launches BuzziPleat Edel Long

BuzziSpace Launches BuzziPleat Edel Long

BuzziPleat Edel Long is a large-scale yet lightweight sculptural form that can be suspended from the ceiling or wall-mounted to absorb excessive noise. Designed by 13&9 Design, this addition to the BuzziPleat family uses expert craftsmanship to reinterpret ancient techniques of smocking and pleating used in fashion design.

The architectural folds deliver excellent acoustic performance by trapping mid and low tones and keeping sound waves from bouncing around on hard surfaces. A perfect balance between a piece of art and a powerful acoustic performer, various BuzziPleat Edel Long models can be combined and suspended at varying heights to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind ceiling.

BuzziPleat Edel Long can also be transformed into an acoustic light, BuzziPleat Light, by pairing it with BuzziSol Trio or BuzziSol Quintet bulbs in either a Globe or Spot iteration. The acoustic light solution combines sound control with illumination creating a multipurpose product that is perfect for the workplace.

Photography: Simon Van Ranst, Courtesy of BuzziSpace