Nar Coffee Table Wins IDW 2005 Best Design Award

Nar Coffee Table Wins IDW 2005 Best Design Award

"Nar" is a new approach to the traditional use of a coffee table and a bookshelf. It brings together their functions to create a practical method of using both. The coffee table can hold as many books as a conventional bookshelf while adding the comfort of not losing the page read.

Rows of thin metal sheet that line across the table are the ribs that form the structure of the table. These metal ribs carry the books as the books are hung from their bindings. They can also be used as bookmarks. Metal plates which easily slide above these ribs and books protect the books from dust and bring forward the function of the coffee table.

The design and the materials have been kept simple so that the table becomes almost invisible when filled with books, therefore making its aesthetics more unique and personal.

Salkim Hanging Bookshelf
Hanging Bookshelf is the first completed piece from "Salkim" line.

Conventional hook form and function is applied in a new line of products. Pieces hooked on each other complete the whole with colors, weight balance and juxtaposition of the books within.

Being hooked at a single point give the impression of "lightness" to otherwise "heavy" books/bookshelves.

Even a faint circulation of air in the displayed space moves the clusters giving them a motion that emphasize the "lightness" Salkim line is still growing with new base designs and units like CD/DVD racks, hooked lighting fixtures, and storage units.

Photos: U:B studio

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