Karim Rashid Designs Two Products for Normann Copenhagen

Karim Rashid Designs Two Products for Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen has unveiled two new products by Karim Rashid - Time is Money and Orgo. The piggy bank Time is Money and the hanger Orgo are Karim Rashid's interpretation of objects that deserve more attention in our everyday life.

"I think that the products I designed for Norman Copenhagen are odd banal products that don't get the attention they deserve," Rashid said. "It is always great to work on objects like piggy banks and hangers. These ubiquitous objects need perpetual new ideas, new personalities, new character, to be more animated but in an abstract way, not as kitsch or literal redesign."

Karim Rashid has provided new identities for the two everyday products. In his universe the hanger Orgo and the piggy bank Time is Money are independent objects with their own style. Once again a style that breaks with the conventions in the universe of Normann Copenhagen.

Orgo is the plastic hanger that is decorative in it self and can bear the light of day. Orgo is a new and colourful way to undress that brings life and pleasure to the wardrobe. Its organic shape is inviting, dynamic and functional and Orgo dresses your wardrobe up for display.

The hourglass shaped piggy bank Time is Money is the connection between time and money realized in one and the same product. Like the motion of the sand in an hourglass that measures passing of time the coins drop into Time is Money and build a fortune for the economically over time.

Orgo and Time is Money are two newly interpreted everyday products that have been revitalised in the style universe of Karim Rashid. Provided with their new identities they are ready for the attention of the world. They will be available in the shops at the end of March.

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