Philippe Starck Conceives a New Icon For Emeco

Philippe Starck Conceives a New Icon For Emeco

Emeco will launch a new design by Philippe Starck at Milan's 2006 Salone Internazionale del Mobile this April. Named Icon, the new design is a distillation of Mr. Starck's ideas, and ideals. Hand made of 100% aluminum, the new stacking chairs and stools have an estimated lifespan of 150 years and a lifetime guarantee.

"My idea for the new Emeco chair was to design nothing, just transmit the phenomenon of Emeco," Starck said. "The new design is balanced, minimal and coherent; there is serenity. When I close my eyes and think of a chair, I think of this chair -- it is an Icon."

"I use Emeco chairs in many projects and have always had many ideas I wanted to try with Emeco," Starck continued. "Hermes is to leather as Emeco is to aluminum -- an incredible material I love. Emeco has a heritage of craftsmanship. Working with Gregg has allowed me to use a recycled material and transform it into something that never needs to be discarded. A tireless and unbreakable chair to use and enjoy for a lifetime. It is a chair you never own, you just use it for a while until it is the next persons turn. A great chair never should have to be recycled. This is good consideration of nature and mankind."

Icon will be available as a stacking chair and barstool in hand brushed and hand polished aluminum finishes. Retail prices will start at US$ 350. Icon is built at the historic factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania, using Emeco's proprietary 77-Step Process -- unchanged since 1944. With a content of 80% recycled aluminum, Icon meets LEED criteria for an environmentally sound product.

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