ICSID IDSA Connecting 2007 - World Design Congress

ICSID IDSA Connecting 2007: World Design Congress

"Physical, Virtual and Cultural Connections" - that's the exciting topic of the upcoming Icsid/IDSA CONNECTING'07 World Design Congress, which will take place from 17 until 20 October 2007 in San Francisco.

The congress will offer designers from all over the world an international platform for personal contacts, discussion of problems, and future cooperation.

The programme of the congress includes a variety of exciting, informative and entertaining events which will offer the chance to analyse the relations between design, business, brands, services, technologies and society.

Beside these numerous events lunch time in the Global Design Gallery will give participants the opportunity to socialise within the Design Community of the world.

The complete programme list will be published in the beginning of 2007.

Take advantage of the excellent possibility to get into contact and exchange views with people from various design disciplines of different background and nationality.

Get inspired by innovative brains and learn from those people who in the future will mark the role of the designers.

more: icsid-idsa07.org (1,033)

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