Sockeye Creative Brings Tim Harman to Portland for Media Strategist Role

Sockeye Creative Brings Tim Harman to Portland for Media Strategist Role

A native of Lubbock, Texas, and most recently hailing from Dallas, Harman has relocated to Oregon for Sockeye's newly created media strategist position, bringing with him a load of branding, internet, film, music video and agency production experience.

His portfolio includes work for Lucasfilm's Industrial Light and Magic, Propaganda Films, Harmony Pictures, Bedford Falls and TBWAChiat Day.

Harman will be bringing new clients to Sockeye, and will provide consultation on effective mixes of film, video, and internet media for current clients.

After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, Harman premiered a 7-minute film entitled Seventh Shadow of the Sun at Sundance in 1991.

He then served as production manager at Industrial Light & Magic, working on Godzilla and Small Soldiers trailers and a piece on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. at Chiat Day, he worked under Chuck McBride as an agency producer.

Harman's film expertise led him to music, producing the first brand-integrated film called Lost But Not Lost where he worked with Graham Nash in re-recording Marrakesh Express.

He then worked for Albert Watson's CYclops in NY and produced Dave Matthews' I am an American and Everyday videos.

In 2003, he earned a Latin American Grammy for production work on a music video for Mexican rock/hip hop band Molotov.

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