Animation Companies in the United States

  1. Hornet


    Hornet is a production studio based in New York City and Brooklyn. Hornet's roster of established and emerging directors, supported by a passionate team of artists and producers, celebrate artistic vision through detailed storytelling and compelling filmmaking.

  2. FlickerLab


    Founded in 1999 as a design and animation studio, today FlickerLab's principals, long-term collaborators and strategic partners employ their skills, technology and industry experience on a variety of projects be they concept-to-screen development and production, or design and execution of commercials or broadcast promotions. In addition to high quality creative digital content development, FlickerLab works with clients to extend their project reach through advertising, Internet impact, online marketing, and merchandising.

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    An award-winning motion design, visual effects and production company located in New York City.

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    Bonfire is a motion picture design agency. By "motion picture", we do not just mean "The Big Screen". We design moving images for any screen; from a living room TV to a cell phone's LCD to a New York City block of lights. We partner with agencies and fortune 500 companies to provide creative and production services to tell our client's story.

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    Z Animation

    Founded by EP Peter Barg, Z Animation specializes in 2D animation. Our roster includes over 25 ward-winning directors, graphic artists and illustrators from around the world.

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    Bix Pix Entertainment

    Bix Pix Entertainment is an animation studio, where original work for television, film and independent clients is created. From traditional clay animation to a variety of stop-motion techniques, Bix Pix delivers a distinctive look.

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    Clockwork VFX

    Clockwork is a visual effects and CG animation company. For the past 8 years, our core business has been the creation of high-end CG visual effects and animation for the commercials market.

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    Grasshorse Studios

    Grasshorse Studios is a Midwest character animation studio that approaches our development like jazz. We often employ experimental, hybrid animation techniques with capabilities for 2D, 3D, stop motion and animatronic puppetry. We specialize in engaging, entertaining and drawing our viewers' attention. Our clients are regional, national and international television studios, networks, advertising agencies and new media companies.

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    Click Play Films

    Click Play Films is a 3D animation company focused on delivering superior production value while maintaining a reasonable price point for our clients. Understanding client objectives and conversion goals, we maximize the value of the final product by not only producing beautiful animated videos but also injecting scientifically proven attributes to increase marketing effectiveness.

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    Motion design production house based in Culver City, CA - started by creative director, Josh Sahley. Some clients include Red Bull, Disney, HBO and Ghirardelli.

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    Brain Zoo Studios

    An Emmy award winning studio in Los Angeles, California, specializing in both stylized and photo realistic character animation and visual effects for feature films, episodics, commercials, video game cinematics & trailers, pre-visualization, integrated media and location based entertainment.

  12. Spontaneous


    Spontaneous is a creative collective dedicated to the realization of ideas. Great design is our inspiration, our motive and our goal. Whether your needs involve concept, CG, visual effects or animation, the artists and producers of Spontaneous believe in delivering a total experience of stunning execution, clear communication and excellent customer service.

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    Timbuktoons provides development, pre-production and 2D animation services from concept to delivery.

  14. Springtime Jellyfish

    Springtime Jellyfish

    Springtime Jellyfish creates unique, hand-made stop-motion animation. Utilizing our combined talents, we craft sets and characters that make great ideas reality, giving life to inanimate objects through the magic of stop-motion.

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    Witness is a full service design, animation, and post production studio in Atlanta, Georgia. We have over 50 years combined industry experience working with agencies, networks, and corporate clients of all sizes. Whether you need a turn key solution to a high end graphics project or a set of boards and some creative insight, we are ready and capable.

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    Liquid Pictures

    Liquid Pictures specializes in 3D animation, special effects, video production, interactive media and architectural/forensic simulations. Liquid Pictures was developed from the need for low cost, high-end 3D animation and graphics.

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    Mode Project

    Founded in 2002, Mode Project is a motion design studio based in Chicago that provides motion design, editorial and production services to clients and agencies throughout the U.S.

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    Rhythm & Hues Studios

    Oscar winning character animation and visual effects studio for feature films, commercials and theme parks based in Marina del Rey, California.

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    3 Magic Beans

    Cross-media branding contractor with focus on flash animation. Owned and operated by Robin Rozum Knight, 3MB is interested in networking and working with environmentally and socially conscious businesses.

  20. Kalakala Animation

    Kalakala Animation

    Kalakala is a full-service animation studio dedicated to the craft of fine storytelling. We believe in making beautiful, compelling work that stays with you.

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    Shadowmachine is a collective of award-winning artists, designers, writers, directors and producers and serves as a platform to launch great stories. It is an environment of collaboration, inspiration and artistry with a culture of hard-work and efficiency. With a wide spectrum of projects in development and production, including live-action, 2D animation, stop-motion, comedy, adventure and drama, Shadowmachine is defined by its passion for storytelling.

  22. Afterglow Studios

    Afterglow Studios

    Afteglow Studios is a animation and design studio. We specialize in creating animation content by working with clients to create the most compelling visuals for their product.

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    Tiara Motion

    Tiara Motion is Florida based company which creates 2D as well as 3D animation for television commercials and television shows. We have a highly creative team which uses state of the art technology to produce animated videos that are world class.

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    Heid Design

    Heid Design is an animation design company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our client list covers a range of both broadcast and corporate clients throughout the nation.

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    Two Animators

    Two Animators is a professional animation and multimedia company that specializes in creating Traditional and Flash animation for broadcast on television and the Internet.

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    Calabash Animation

    Led by Creative Director Wayne Brejcha and Executive Producer Sean Henry, Calabash Animation, Inc. is the Chicago, IL-based animation production studio, known for its award-winning cel, 3D and stop-motion animation for the advertising and entertainment industries.