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  1. Gwathmey Siegel - Buildings and Projects 2002-2012

    Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings and Projects 2002-2012

    Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings and Projects 2002-2012 is a glimpse inside 32 selected works from architectural masters Charles Gwathmey and Robert Siegel, and the world-renowned firm that has put their aesthetic stamp on the "high Modernist" style.

  2. Allan Greenberg - Classical Architect

    Allan Greenberg: Classical Architect

    This monograph showcases the exquisite architecture of Allan Greenberg, one of the most influential architects of the classical movement. A leading exponent of classical architecture, Allan Greenberg has drawn on a vast knowledge of ancient styles in the design of his illustrious list of projects. His work is renowned for its historically inspired fa├žades, its classical detail, and the highest level of craftsmanship.

  3. New Museums in China

    New Museums in China

    New Museums in China presents fifty-one of the most innovative museums of the last ten years in beautiful photographs, detailed drawings, and insightful texts based on interviews with an international slate of architects.

  4. Zaha Hadid - Heydar Aliyev Centre

    Zaha Hadid: Heydar Aliyev Centre

    Photographs by Helene Binet and Iwan Baan display the building in all of its facets, making it possible for the reader to experience its formal, haptic, and spatial qualities. Essays explain conceptual and technical aspects of this impressive piece of architecture.

  5. Car Parks

    Car Parks

    Car Parks is a collection of contemporary parking facility projects.

  6. eVolo Skyscrapers 2

    eVolo Skyscrapers 2

    The second eVolo Skyscrapers features 150 new skyscrapers submitted to the eVolo competition. These super-tall structures take into consideration the advances in technology, the exploration of sustainable systems, and the establishment of new urban and architectural methods to solve economic, social, and cultural problems of the contemporary city.

  7. Skins, Envelopes, and Enclosures - Concepts for Designing Building Exteriors

    Skins, Envelopes, and Enclosures: Concepts for Designing Building Exteriors

    With more than seventy significant case studies located in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia from prehistory to the present, this book illuminates the theory and techniques of assembling exteriors. Six chapters organized by wall types, from hand-set monolithic walls to digitally fabricated curtain walls, each have a material focus section to help you understand their intrinsic properties so that you can decide which will best keep the weather out of your building.

  8. Tree Houses

    Tree Houses

    Tree Houses showcases a varied selection of structures built on or hung from trees. Inspiring photographs and drawings show how they can be used as luxury retreats, play forts, and functional lookouts.

  9. Basically Modern - Los Angeles Houses by SPFa

    Basically Modern: Los Angeles Houses by SPFa

    The houses that Studio Pali Fekete Architects have created over the past decade focus on basics: flowing spaces, abundant natural light, and generous proportions. For this Los Angeles firm, modernism is not a matter of style or ideology, but rather a commonsense approach to contemporary living.

  10. Chinese Contemporary Architecture

    Chinese Contemporary Architecture

    This book presents sixteen outstanding contemporary Chinese architects and teams from a state-owned large-scale design firm and privately owned design firms and individual studios.

  11. Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises

    A new trend in contemporary architecture is emerging from the East Asian countries of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan. Eastern Promises introduces more than 60 architectural projects throughout East Asia.

  12. An Anthropology of Architecture

    An Anthropology of Architecture

    Ever since anthropology has existed as a discipline, anthropologists have thought about architectural forms. An Anthropology of Architecture provides the first overview of how anthropologists have studied architecture and the extraordinarily rich thought and data this has produced.

  13. Architecture in Formation

    Architecture in Formation

    Architecture in Formation: On the Nature of Information in Digital Architecture is the first digital architecture manual that bridges multiple relationships between theory and practice, proposing a vital resource to structure the upcoming second digital revolution. Sixteen essays from practitioners, historians and theorists look at how information processing informs and is informed by architecture.

  14. Adolf Loos - Minimum Architecture

    Adolf Loos: Minimum Architecture

    Adolf Loos: Minimum Architecture features the works, projects and ideas of one of the great pioneers of modern architecture.

  15. Giuseppe Terragni - Minimum Architecture

    Giuseppe Terragni: Minimum Architecture

    Giuseppe Terragni: Minimum Architecture features the works and projects of a foremost figure of Italian architecture in the exciting atmosphere of the early twentieth century.

  16. Healing Architecture

    Healing Architecture

    Healing Architecture presents the fundamental principals behind the conception and design of built space and their effect on coping with illness. One of the key questions to be answered is how architecture can contribute to healing.

  17. The Story of Modern Architecture

    The Story of Modern Architecture

    The Story of Modern Architecture: Of the 20th Century provides concise and reliable information on key cultural and historical topics.

  18. Architecture in Motion

    Architecture in Motion

    Architecture in Motion examines the development of portable, transportable, demountable and temporary architecture from prehistory to the present day. From familiar vernacular models such as the tent, mobile home and houseboat, to ambitious developments in military and construction engineering, all aspects of portable building are considered.

  19. Discovering Architecture

    Discovering Architecture

    Discovering Architecture: How the World's Great Buildings Were Designed and Built, an accessible reference for anyone interested in great spaces and spectacular buildings, identifies, decodes, and explains the world's architectural masterpieces.

  20. The Modern Station - New Approaches to Railway Architecture

    The Modern Station: New Approaches to Railway Architecture

    An exciting new generation of railway architecture has emerged in Europe and elsewhere over the past decade. This book explains the reasons for the renaissance of the station as a building type and the current changes it is undergoing.

  21. On Architecture - Melvin Charney, a Critical Anthology

    On Architecture: Melvin Charney, a Critical Anthology

    Melvin Charney spent his career working on the border between art and architecture. His internationally celebrated art employed a variety of media including photography, montage, painting, sculpture, and temporary and permanent installations, relentlessly pursuing the meaning of architectural images in the age of mass communication. This volume includes an astonishing visual archive of over three hundred illustrations, many of which served as source material and inspiration for Charney's intellectual and artistic work, and set up a dialogue between his criticism and his landmark projects.

  22. Architecture in the Netherlands - Yearbook 2012-13

    Architecture in the Netherlands: Yearbook 2012-13

    For 25 years, Architecture in the Netherlands has been the international showcase for Dutch architecture. The new editors select the 30 most noteworthy projects completed in the past year and describe the most significant developments and trends influencing the field.

  23. Emre Arolat Architects - Context and Plurality

    Emre Arolat Architects: Context and Plurality

    Emre Arolat Architects: Context and Plurality presents the firm's work to a broader international audience. With over 280 color illustrations, including exteriors, interiors, models, and detailed plans, the book highlights more than 30 of the EAA's projects across Turkey.

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    RIBA Architect's Job Book

    The RIBA Job Book is the Royal Institute of British Architects' long-established and recognized standard reference for running construction projects. This major new update fully reflects the new RIBA Plan of Work 2013 and contemporary working practice.

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    Residential Skin & Details

    Residential Skin & Details provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern residential architecture. Featuring the work of renowned architect from around the world, this book presents 32 of the most recently completed designs for residential architecture.

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    French Museum Architecture

    French Museum Architecture explores these different problematic through forty museum projects, ranging from the Orsay and Quai Branly museums in Paris, to the Lille Museum of Modern Art (LaM) and the Confluences Museum in Lyon, to name but a few. Each project is presented with the emphasis on the thought process behind the creation, exposing the main questions the architects had to address in order to come up with spaces that are efficient, intelligent, welcoming and dynamic, able to fulfil the expectations of a public ranging from academic researchers to the merely curious, and everyone in between.

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    A Client's Guide to Engaging an Architect

    As well as explaining the considerable added value that the right architect can bring to the success of your project, the guide talks you through the formal appointment mechanisms that architects as professionals will expect to transact with you.

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    2013 Young Architects Award

    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) acknowledges individuals who have shown exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the profession in an early stage of their architectural career by awarding the Young Architects Award. This book features the recipients of the AIA 2013 Young Architects Award.

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    Roy Thomson Hall

    Roy Thomson Hall: A Portrait traces the first 30 years of what was initially known as "New Massey Hall." Arthur Erickson's iconic design quickly became a symbol of a vibrant city emerging on the world stage.