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    Architectural Moments

    Architectural Moments is the second monograph with new works by the famous architect Bruno Erpicum.

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    Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871-1934

    Featuring more than a hundred photographs and illustrations of the city's physically impressive and beautifully diverse architecture, Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871-1934 highlights an exceptionally dynamic, energetic period of architectural progress in Chicago.

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    Exterior Building Enclosures

    Focused on the design process for architects and related professionals, this book addresses the design and execution of sophisticated exterior building enclosures for a number of commercial building types and in a variety of building materials.

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    A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living

    Filled with beautiful photographs and informative essays, this volume presents the genius of A. Quincy Jones, whose collaborative nature provides a timely example for today's architects.

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    Modern American Housing

    Modern American Housing brings together the most enlightened thinkers from the worlds of architecture, social practice, and real estate development to present the latest developments in the design and construction of new housing stock in re-urbanizing cities throughout the United States.

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    Commerzbank Tower

    At 56 stories and just under 1,000 feet, the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt is Germany's tallest building and the second tallest in the European Union. Height is not the only distinguishing feature of the Commerzbank Tower. As this illustrated guide to its design and construction reveals, is also the world's first ecological high-rise office building.

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    Charles Correa: India's Greatest Architect

    Charles Correa: India's Greatest Architect celebrates the work of India's greatest architect. Born in 1930, Correa is an Indian and international architect who, in a lifetime of achievement, has created work which is consistently beautiful, human and enduring.

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    Reiulf Ramstad Architects

    One of Norway's most promising architects, Reiulf Ramstad has helped to revitalize and renew the Nordic architectural tradition known as Critical Regionalism. Also influenced by the likes of Aldo Rossi, Carlo Scarpa and Sverre Fehn, Ramstad has received several international prizes and competitions. This monograph surveys his projects to date.

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    East Coast Modern: Contemporary Residential Architecture and Interiors

    East Coast Modern provides an insight into the inspiring portfolios of award-winning architecture and interior design firms with exceptional residential projects. Located in the Atlantic region of the United States, these intimate getaways, single-family homes, condominiums, and sprawling estates embody the creativity and distinct character of contemporary American residential design.

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    Culture: City

    Since the late 1990s cultural icons have been built in numerous cities throughout the world in order to court the attention of potential visitors in a globally competitive market. This book analyzes this phenomenon from the point of view of artists, architects, and scientists.

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    Interpretation in Architecture: Design as Way of Thinking

    Drawing on cultural theory, phenomenology and concepts from Asian art and philosophy, this book reflects on the role of interpretation in the act of architectural creation, bringing an intellectual and scholarly dimension to real-world architectural design practice.

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    Building for Tomorrow: Visionary Architecture from Around the World

    Architects have always dreamed of shaping the future, of building utopian worlds filled with seemingly impossible structures that break with the past to propel mankind far into the 21st century and beyond. This book reviews forty such visionary projects, encompassing the whole spectrum of the built environment, from bus stations and concert halls to boat lifts and aquariums.

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    Architecture In Detail

    Architecture In Detail is a collection of detailed studies of recent construction projects that will help all architects learn and expand the possibilities of their own work. Projects have been selected for their use of innovative techniques, and these insights could help overcome problems, reduce a project's cost, speed up work on site or help with an idea that is hard to achieve.

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    Architecture in a Climate of Change

    Architecture in a Climate of Change provides the latest basic principals of sustainability and the future of sustainable technology. Including new material on wind generation, domestic water conservation, solar thermal electricity as well as international case studies this book encourages readers to consider new approaches to building making minimum demand on fossil based energy.

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    Architects and Architecture of London

    Architects and Architecture of London is a visual, highly illustrated guide to London's greatest historic buildings and the lives of the architects who designed them. The book is organised by architect, to provide an easy point of reference for today's designers and students and all those interested in the architectural history of London. Architects and Architecture of London illuminates the city's two thousand year architectural history, through the lives and works of historic architects who remain salient and significant in London’s contemporary architectural geography.

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    Ibiza Estate: Future Architecture

    Future Architecture Ibiza allows us to get a glimpse of architectural features never seen before on the Island. In this book you will find houses that will be built in the near future.

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    Corrections and Collections

    America holds more than two million inmates in its prisons and jails, and hosts more than two million daily visits to museums, figures which represent a ten-fold increase in the last twenty-five years. Corrections and Collections explores and connects these two massive expansions in our built environment.

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    Architecture Now! Houses 3

    The third installment in the popular Architecture Now! Houses series includes 60 of the most dramatic new residences around the world.

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    Dwelling with Architecture

    The dwelling is the most fundamental building type, nowhere more so than in the open landscape. Dwelling with Architecture is first a book about houses and particularly the theme "dwelling and the land."

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    Modern Architecture

    Modern Architecture features eight sections covering each architectural movement from 1900 to the present: Arts and Crafts, Classicism, Organic, Modernism, Postmodernism, Robotic, Cities, and Futures. In engaging, jargon-free prose, Jonathan Glancey discusses more than 440 landmark structures regarded as modern classics, including L'Institut du Monde Arab in Paris, the Sydney Opera House, the Swiss Re building in London, and the Parliamentary Library in New Delhi.

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    Make It Fabulous

    Sumptuous and scrupulous in equal measure, the work of William T. Georgis is a glamorous blend of high-style architecture and expressive, innovative applications of the traditions of the decorative arts. In the twenty years since he founded his namesake firm, Georgis has created a dazzling portfolio consisting primarily of houses and apartments; other projects include restaurants, commercial interiors, and galleries.

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    Contemporary Library Architecture

    Focusing on the practical issues which need to be addressed by anyone involved in library design, here Ken Worpole offers his renowned expertise to architects, planners, library professionals, students, local government officers and members interested in creating and sustaining successful library buildings and services.

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    Fresh Punches: Experimental Architecture Exhibition Catalogue

    "Fresh Punches," an exhibition mounted in the fall of 2012 at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky, featured the collision of experimentation and contemporary discourse in the work of American architecture students. Collected from the Spring and Fall semesters of 2011, the cutting-edge work exhibited featured provocative explorations in technology, space, and materials.

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    Chicago School of Architecture: Building the Modern City, 1880-1910

    The perfect introduction to a style of architecture that has transformed the look of the modern age in America and the rest of the world, this book reveals Chicago's architecture as constantly pushing boundaries over a century and a half through design innovation and a wholly new and creative use of materials through engineering. Each section of Chicago's history, starting with the 1870s and ending in the 2010s is illustrated with selected examples of buildings that define the style and achievements.

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    Mapping Controversies in Architecture

    Mapping Controversies in Architecture tackles a number of challenging questions: How can we conceptualize architectural objects and practices without falling into the divides architecture/society, nature/culture, materiality/meaning? How can we prevent these abstractions from continuing to blind architectural theory? What is the alternative to critical architecture?

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    Losing Site

    Losing Site addresses the relationship between memory and place and asks how architecture captures and triggers memory. It examines how architecture exists as a physical entity and how it registers as a place that we come to remember, as well as whether it can exist or be found beyond the physical site itself in our recollection of it.

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    Cabin: Contemporary Vernacular Architecture

    The cabin is undoubtedly one of the most widely reproduced housing structures due to its simplicity and flexibility. This book analyzes the form, materials, and building process of this ubiquitous and malleable structure, and offers a sampling of recent projects conceived of by architects and designers from all corners of the world including Brazil, Norway, and Slovenia.

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    Immaterial/Ultramaterial: Architecture, Design, and Materials

    Immaterial/Ultramaterial investigates revolutionary new materials and methods of fabrication that have profoundly altered the direction of contemporary architecture. The book covers everything from the use of immaterial elements like light, sound, and smell to the implications of "ultramaterial," or invincible, materials.

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    The Collaborators: Interactions in the Architectural Design Process

    Illustrated by critical analyses of significant buildings, including examples by such eminent architects as Adler and Sullivan, Erich Mendelsohn, and Louis Kahn, this book examines collaboration in the architectural design process over a period ranging from the mid-19th century to the late 1960s.