Architectural Design Studios

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  1. Sina


    Sina is a Toronto-based luxury custom home builder and architecture firm for both residential and commercial properties. Our custom built homes are designed to be both luxurious and environmentally sustainable, working with you from start to finish to bring your vision to life. We also specialize in commercial and condominium developments, bringing design innovation to city skylines.

  2. Adam Khan Architects

    Adam Khan Architects

    The practice was formed in 2006 by Adam Khan, previously an associate at Caruso StJohn Architects. Based in Peckham, the practice has established a diverse portfolio; working with artists, gallery owners, regeneration agencies, housing developers, charities, trusts, and private residential clients.

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    Bernheimer Architecture

    Bernheimer Architecture provides full architectural design, construction administration, planning and zoning analysis services, as well as interior, furniture, and object design. The work of Bernheimer Architecture is forward-thinking, sustainable and unique, incorporating new as well as traditional materials in evocative forms to advance the art of the built environment. Whether for public or private clients, Bernheimer Architecture solves complex architectural problems with innovative thinking.

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    James Gorst Architects

    James Gorst Architects was established in 1981. Since then the practice has earned a reputation for sensitive and highly crafted work which has been evidenced in a number of national awards along with widespread publication in magazines and books at home and abroad. We aim to design contextually responsive, individual building that entwine aesthetic values with functional rationalism.

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    Aughey O'Flaherty Architects

    Aughey O'Flaherty Architects is an award winning design led practice who are passionate about delivering excellence for its clients.

  6. Oooox


    Oooox offers wide range of architectural solutions from interior design to large-scale projects, including concept development, visualization, interior design full-service.

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    Stiff + Trevillion Architects

    Stiff + Trevillion Architects is one of the UK's leading architectural practices. We have a vast experience of market leading design within the commercial, restaurant, residential, retail, leisure and educational sectors.

  8. Architecture Office

    Architecture Office

    Architecture Office was founded in 2015 by Nicole McIntosh and Jonathan Louie. The practice is influenced by the global dissemination of imagery that produces new contexts and different views. Their work actualizes images that distinguish form and type from their assumed cultural associations as a means of producing new forms of architecture. Collectively, the projects and the images support architecture's unique capacity to not be static and singular, but to simultaneously engage and refresh the things around it.

  9. CH Architects

    CH Architects

    CH Architects (CHA) is an architectural practice established in 2003. We are a progressive, design led practice combining creative talent with over 40 years of professional architectural experience. We work together as a team to create bespoke solutions developed from an appreciation of physical and historical context.

  10. SMAR


    SMAR, founded by UWA Professor Fernando Jerez in 2007 is an awarded Western Australia and Madrid architectural office.

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    Haworth Tompkins Architects

    Haworth Tompkins was formed in 1991 by architects Graham Haworth and Steve Tompkins. Our London-based studio has designed buildings in the UK and elsewhere for clients across the public, private and subsidised sectors including schools, galleries, theatres, concert halls, housing, offices, shops and factories.

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    Studio Granda Architects

    Studio Granda is a architectural design studio based in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was established in Reykjavik by Margret Hardardottir & Steve Christer in 1987.

  13. vonDALWIG Architecture

    vonDALWIG Architecture

    vonDALWIG Architecture, originally formed as Manifold Architecture Studio PLLC in 2009, is a recognized architectural firm that maintains strong interests in space, program, context and potential - and strives to fully engage with the manifold aspects of architecture and spatial design.

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    UrbanLab Design

    A design studio and fabrication lab founded by Tony Orantes & Norberto Melendez. Project range encompasses large and small scale building related design, custom architectural accessories/objects, development of new construction related building components, and industrial-product design.

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    marquardt+ is a full service interdisciplinary design and architectural studio group of uniquely talented individuals.

  16. Lahdelma and Mahlamäki Architects

    Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects

    Founded in 1997 by Professor Ilmari Lahdelma and Professor Rainer Mahlamäki. The partners have been working together since 1985, in 8Studio and in Kaira-Lahdelma-Mahlamäki.

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    Shiro Studio

    Shiro Studio is a London based design practice 'making the invisible tangible.' Anatomy, meteorology, botany, sculpture and digital fabrication are recurrent trajectories of our investigation that permeate not only the Studio's visual language but the design process.

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    LVS-Architecture is a boutique design firm that employs methodologies of design thinking and human experience through space performance, and works hand to hand with clients to understand their business. We analyze culture, philosophy, art, event and performance, and meet in private cases concepts like branding and marketing strategies through the lens of innovation

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    Prefab, hybrid homes for a modern green lifestyle, featuring unique modern design, detailed attention to everyday practicality and a simpler, more affordable building process.

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    Cottrell Vermeulen Architecture

    Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture is an award winning architectural practice which has been designing for education and the community since 1992. Our projects have involved the redevelopment of existing facilities, new build projects and master-planning and we have developed exemplar designs and systems for the UK Government Department for Education as models for school design throughout the country.

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    2PM Architects

    London based Architects studio. RIBA chartered practice. Services include house designs, planning applications, building regulations and construction management.

  22. AGENCY


    AGENCY is a collaborative interdisciplinary practice engaging contemporary culture through architecture, urbanism, and advocacy. The practice is an active thought leader in social practice, developing award-winning architectural projects and urban strategies at a variety of scales.

  23. McGarry Moon Architects

    McGarry Moon Architects

    McGarry-Moon Architects are an RIBA Award Winning Practice located near Kilrea, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. At McGarry-Moon we specialise in contemporary, sustainable, environmentally conscious architecture which is of its time and place.