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  1. Rafael Soldi

    Rafael Soldi

    Rafael Soldi is a Peruvian­-born, Seattle-based artist and curator. He holds a BFA in Photography & Curatorial Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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    Jessica Angel

    Jessica Angel is a visual artist developing large scale projects that engage mural painting, video projected mapping animation and sound design. She lives and works in New York City.

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    Sarah Illenberger

    Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based freelance artist with a unique editorial portfolio. In her Berlin studio, Sarah Illenberger develops concepts for editorial as well as commercial clients.

  4. Debbie Smyth

    Debbie Smyth

    Debbie Smyth is textile artist most identifiable by her statement thread drawings; these playful yet sophisticated contemporary artworks are created by stretching a network of threads between accurately plotted pins. Her work beautifully blurs the boundaries between fine art drawings and textile art, flat and 3D work, illustration and embroidery, literally lifting the drawn line off the page in a series of "pin and thread" drawings.

  5. Pascale Girardin

    Pascale Girardin

    For more than twenty years, Pascale Girardin has been navigating between the world of ceramics, visual arts and design, instilling her unique vision upon the art objects, tableware and architectural installations that she creates. Inspired by the expression of pure forms, her art discreetly highlights our fundamental relationship to the world in which we live. Whether suspended, adorning a wall or floating in the water, her works recall the omnipresence and organic structure of nature.

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    Pieter Janssen

    Pieter Janssen (who goes by the single name Parra) was born in the Netherlands in 1976. He is best known for his curved post-Pop imagery, highly saturated colours, vibrant hand-drawn letters and worlds inhabited by hybrid, surreal characters. His graphic design and illustration clients have included Nike, Converse, Heineken, InCase, Stones Throw, Vans, Etnies, and Zoo York.

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    Ted Vasin

    Experience the sophisticated visual metaphors and interconnected illusions of Teds colorful, abstract, iridescent canvases, along with complementary sound compositions.

  8. Jorge Pardo

    Jorge Pardo

    Jorge Pardo is a Cuban-American artist and sculptor. Pardo's artwork explores the intersection of contemporary painting, design, sculpture, and architecture.

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    Newt Glass

    Glassblowing studio of renowned Artisit Newt Grover specializing in site specific designs for commercial & residential nationwide. Everything is created in house in the: blown glass, metal, and lighting.

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    Emma Sheldrake

    EM artists site, portraits and figurative works in acyrlic. A blend of pop art, erotic art and fashion illustration.

  11. Lincoln Schatz

    Lincoln Schatz

    Lincoln Schatz is a contemporary American artist living in Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for his serial explorations of people, places, and processes utilizing photography, video and custom software.

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    Brit Hammer Dijcks

    Brit Hammer-Dijcks is a glass artist and designer whose work is recognizable for her use of color. She designs architectural glass and glass furniture and creates glass artworks in 2D and 3D.

  13. Rob Ryan

    Rob Ryan

    Rob Ryan is a British visual artist who specializes in papercutting, screen- printing and drawing and painting.

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    Evan Ferrell

    An experienced visual artist with a unique perspective, a wide range of technical skills with a variety of media. Highly skilled at providing innovative visual solutions to creative problems, from initial concept to final production.

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    Anyes Galleani

    Anyes Galleani is an Italian born mixed media artist and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She uses photo montage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art.

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    Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen is a surf artist, surf photographer, illustrator and designer based in Southern California.

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    Peter Sutherland

    Peter Sutherland is a NYC-based filmmaker, photographer and artist. He is famous for his documentaries and for portraying the things that interest him personally, like youth culture, urban culture, graffiti, skateboarding, and of course bikes.

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    Manuela Vintilescu

    Manuela has strong yet delicate sense of graphic design, color harmony and balanced compositions. Creating unique expression combining color, form, pattern and typography giving the work a contemporary elegance. Communicating a visually decorative solution, beautifully detailed and creating an inspirational environment.

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    Jonas Dahlberg

    Jonas Dahlberg is a Swedish artist, who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. His practice includes photography, film, installations and public commissions.

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    Catalin Popa

    Original digital fine art prints and photos created by Catalin Popa. Exquisite and unique limited edition prints on fine art paper signed and numbered by the Artist.

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    Coulson Macleod

    Coulson Macleod specialises in the design and production of handmade, typography-based, artwork printed onto natural and reclaimed materials including wood, metal, stone, fabric, and recycled paper.

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    Ben Jones

    Ben Jones is an artist, illustrator and designer based in Kent, UK. He is a multi skilled person with various styles of work.

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    Peter Kovacsy

    A West Australian designer maker, artist and sculptor with over 25 years experience. His forte is large-scale cast glass sculpture and creative use of timber. He is represented in national and international collections.

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    Scott St. John

    Tofu is a San Francisco based painter and collage artist who mainly does mixed media pieces using old maps.

  25. Louis F. Cuffari

    Louis F. Cuffari

    Louis F. Cuffari, Art Director and Cofounder of Insomnia Creations, has spent most of his life as a studio artist. Cuffari's creative works expand extensively into graphic design in which he has received awards within the criteria of creativity, effectiveness, and originality. He has also worked on several motion pictures in the faculty of producer and art director as well as written and directed animated shorts including stop motion photography.