Broadcast Design Studios

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  1. ATK PLN


    ATK PLN is a strategic creative group positioned firmly at the intersection of design, animation and live action. They fuse design-driven visuals with feature film finesse, telling stories on screens of all sizes. With offices in Hollywood, Dallas and Montreal, ATK PLN's work entertains, elicits emotion and elevates brand success for their partners.

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    The brainchild of CD and Founder Johnnie Semerad and long-time collaborator EP Carey Gattyan, QuietMan is a high-end collective set in an innovative workshop atmosphere that fuels projects from concept to completion.

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    Juniper Jones

    Based in DUMBO on Brooklyn's waterfront, Juniper Jones is the creative force dedicated to creating custom-tailored solutions. The firm's rogue team of award-winning directors and designers believes beauty is always in motion, and that forging deep collaborative experiences with clients yields epic results. Leveraging the brand expertise of its clients, the force's meticulous diligence reveals spot-on insights, which then benefit from legendary storytelling craftsmanship.

  4. Ranger and Fox

    Ranger & Fox

    Ranger & Fox is a design-driven studio that partners with fearless brands to create solutions through image & motion. With creative agility and technical prowess, we help our clients set trends that connect with their audience.

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    Little Minx

    Since its founding in 1998 by President Rhea Scott, Little Minx has focused on creating artistic and commercial opportunities for its award winning roster. Thanks to the longstanding experience of its executive producers and immense talent of its directors, Little Minx has established itself as a boutique company that pushes aesthetic boundaries in a diverse array of outlets including commercials, music videos, interactive and new media.

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    Reel FX

    Founded in 1993, Reel FX is an award-winning creative studio where accomplished artists and preeminent technology converge to produce extraordinary creative solutions.

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    Accomplice is a transmedia collective specializing in commercials; branded entertainment for the web, mobile, and social media; as well as feature films. Comprised of proven and fresh directors, producers and creatives, Accomplice brings together talented people from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to create engaging, relevant and inspirational entertainment that connects clients and communities via multiple platforms.

  8. Found


    Found is a creative studio specialising in high-end film production and 3D motion design. With a strong eye for design and visual storytelling, we produce bold, cinematic work for some of the world's leading brands and agencies.

  9. Oddone


    We are storytellers. We develop creative solutions. Our tools of choice are film, 2D/3D animation, typography and graphic design. We design in motion to give life and narrative to your message.

  10. ManvsMachine


    ManvsMachine is a design & motion studio. We work with forward thinking clients to create progressive and effective visual communication for a global audience.

  11. Standard Black

    Standard Black

    Standard Black is a creative agency that transforms brands through relevant content and compelling design.

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    King and Country

    Founded by Rick Gledhill; Director, Efrain Montanez; Director and Jerry Torgerson; Executive Producer in 2006, King and Country is one of those new fangled production company / motion design and visual effect studios based in Santa Monica near the beach.

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    Favorite Color

    Favorite Color is a motion graphics studio targeted towards broadcast and commercials and has been set up by Doug Matthews and Dave Dimmick.

  14. ZINK


    Zink is an Emmy Award winning design and branding agency located in downtown Toronto providing animation, print, interactive and live action services for over ten years.

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    Established in 2005 by Creative Director Xavier Oon, Critica is a multi award winning creative studio that focuses on creating design-driven animation content for brands, TV broadcast industry, companies and advertising agencies.

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    COLORTV is a one-stop creative studio with fresh, cutting-edge ideas inspired by a diversity of influences. We aim to create visual imagery that will excite and inspire.

  17. CARBON


    CARBON is an award-winning motion graphics and design studio, specialising in the creation and transformation of iconic brands that thrive in a digital era. Our strength lies in conceiving effective commercial content and impactful visual story-telling. We're a friendly bunch who dedicates our time to identifying our clients' needs, crafting designs they can be proud of. We listen with care, execute with confidence, and always manage to have a few laughs along the way.

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    Ink Project

    Ink Project is a brand communications company who create work with intelligence and passion.

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    Loopmedia Inc. is a brand design and full service production studio that provides end-to-end solutions and content across all platforms.

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    Paper Moose

    Paper Moose is a boutique award winning creative agency based in Sydney. With specialised sound, graphics and production departments Paper Moose has a holistic approach to making creative content.

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    A creative studio specializing in 2D/3D design animation, brand identity and motion graphics for the commercial, broadcast and film industries.

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    Monkey Talkie

    Monkey Talkie is a creative agency which operates mainly in the motion graphics and broadcast area. Focused on services for video and brand identity, concept design, channel branding, show packages, conception and and production of new broadcast format and advertising.

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    Cape Rock

    Turning broadcasters into Brands. Cape Rock is a creative agency focused on design and promotion for broadcasters.

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    Kemistry is an award winning, independent branding agency with particular capabilities in broadcast and new media. We create brands for leading companies worldwide.

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    Frantic Studio

    Frantic Studio is a award winning production/design studio that creates, designs, shoots and produce branded content, promos,ads and music videos.

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    XYZ Studios

    XYZ Studios represents directors who work with design, illustration, animation, visual effects & film making to lead avant-garde commercial works from conceptual development through to final delivery.

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    Respect Design

    Respect Design - a brand consultancy focused on commercial, entertainment, corporate, and event driven communications.

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    Justin Vin Studio

    Justin Vin Studio is blending dance and 3d motion graphics solutions into broadcast designs, TV idents, company branding and other commercial projects. The studio consists of award winning team, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe.