Broadcast Design Studios

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    Justin Vin Studio

    Justin Vin Studio is blending dance and 3d motion graphics solutions into broadcast designs, TV idents, company branding and other commercial projects. The studio consists of award winning team, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe.

  2. CLAY


    CLAY is a visionary multifaceted production agency born from the creative minds of a group of video professionals. Since 2010 we have been crafting projects with unwavering attention to detail, supported by a network of the best designers and art directors from all over the world.

  3. DMC


    Founded in 2012, Dream Machine Creative (DMC) is a production agency comprised of individuals that see commercial filmmaking as a craft. We've had our hands in every aspect of the production process and pride ourselves in the ability to have informed conversations from ideation through post. Think of us as a contemporary hybrid that can execute your story, but also help you discover what that story is. Our studio is located where Tribeca meets SoHo meets Chinatown.

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    Alma Mater

    Alma Mater is a boutique visual studio specializing in design, live-action and animation, has launched in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA, United States
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    Jump! is a production studio whose expertise is creating broadcast media, advertising, and branding. Jump! creates award wining motion graphics and editorial to bring clients to their fullest potential.

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    Territory is an independent, creative agency established in London in 2010. Founded by three people whose combined skills and experience spans a broad range of media, industries and brands. Our in-house expertise across branding, motion and digital allows us to offer an integrated approach as brands increasingly demand cross-platform, through-the-line solutions that are adaptable and interchangeable to any given media.

  7. Momentist


    Momentist is a Brooklyn based design studio specializing in creating compelling graphics and animation for the screen. The work is driven by a healthy respect for design to serve and amplify important ideas and stories within film, broadcast and other creative areas.

  8. Capitola Media

    Capitola Media

    Founded in 2008, Capitola Media is an award-winning, full-service video production company. Located in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we work with a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood studios to Internet startups and non-profits.

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    Indigo Productions

    Indigo is a world-renowned video production company dedicated to the creation of dynamic motion pictures for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors.

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    Slim is a creative collective and boutique production company with a strong focus on excellent TV commercials, promos and branded content. Slim represents a select few, outstanding and award-winning directors from all different parts of the world and maintains a keen sense for creative production solutions.

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    Andersen M Studio

    Andersen M Studio is a creative studio. We work in the areas of art direction, graphic design, photography, animation, film and music.

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    Deep Sky Studios

    Portland-based motion design for ad agencies, TV networks, brands and businesses who love taking their audiences to new heights and depths.

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    UNIT9 specializes in creating stories that unfold across multiple platforms. Our stories are brought to life by the directors on our roster who, as in all film production, are custodians of the creative concept from start to finish. As with the directors at many highly-ranked production companies, they are veterans of commercials, music videos, TV, and cinema.

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    Endesign is a Los Angeles-based design firm specializing in motion graphics for film and television. Since 2007 we collaborate with clients from film studios, trailer houses, advertising agencies and TV Networks to create award-winning work.

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    Splurj Creative

    Splurj Creative is a video production company whose strengths lie in creativity. We're focused on creating distinctive and engaging visual experiences for everyone, and with a keen eye for detail, strong creative and technical ability, we love opportunities to create ideas, bring them to life and truly capture your audience's attention. Thoughtful in our approach, we deliver top quality motion graphics, animation and moving images with fruitful results that are dynamic in design and innovative in nature.

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    CREW Media

    CREW Media specializes in web design, motion graphics and corporate identity. We believe that design should communicate, stimulate, and inspire.

  17. The Colonie

    The Colonie

    The Colonie is an award-winning Chicago-based creative editorial, motion design, visual FX and finishing boutique that provides a seamless, full-service approach to creating spots and cross-platform content that engages, entertains, informs and moves audiences.

  18. Lexicon Studios

    Lexicon Studios

    At Lexicon Studios we believe that videos are the essential foundation for establishing brand loyalty and identity. We are on the constant search for bridging the gap between the customer experience and the story behind products and services.

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    DMX Dreambox

    Motion graphics design, Broadcast ID and On Air Branding company. All creative and technical possibilities.

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    Onesize is a Dutch, Delft based creative studio, founded in 2001 by Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks. Focusing on design, animation, visual effects and direction for commercials, broadcast and film, the company is known for its work with international brands/clients, as well as their experimental expressions.

  21. Studio Collin

    Studio Collin

    Studio Collin is a one-man creative studio. founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2014 by the interdisciplinary art director and visual artist Alexander Collin. Studio Collin is creating cutting edge visual concepts, artworks and films, working with photography, cinematography, design and as an experienced art director with work ranging from global ad campaigns to complete artist branding.

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    WKB is a Melbourne based, online motion graphics and animation studio. We specialize in moving image communications for film, television and interactive media.

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    Figurinas is a motion graphics+illustration studio based in Buenos Aires. We develop a wide range of graphic languages and different styles in illustration.

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    Infinite World Studios

    Infinite integrates award-winning animation, design and web to bring rich stories across all screens, channels and media landscapes.

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    EyeBelieve is a multi-disciplinary creative content production team set up to experiment and push creative boundaries across the film, commercial, broadcast and new media. With over a decade of ideation and execution experience, our award-winning directors, designers and visual effects artists work very closely with agencies, production houses, film directors and clients from initial idea to completion or at any point in between.

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    Ironyk Design

    Ironyk Design is specialised in designing logos, corporate identities, motion graphics and brand images since 1998.

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    Led by Creative Director Nel Santiago, formerly of Hothaus Creative. PromoHD brings you the quality of work you've come to expect from industry leaders at a fraction of the cost.

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    DazPix produces motion graphics, visual effects and CGI for broadcast, advertising, music and corporate clients.