Broadcast Design Services in the United States

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  1. MPC


    The Moving Picture Company (MPC) is a world-leading post-production facility creating high-end digital visual effects and computer animation for the feature film, advertising, music and television industries.

  2. Nice Shoes

    Nice Shoes

    NYC-based Nice Shoes is a full service, artist-driven design, animation, visual effects and color grading studio specializing in high-end commercials, web content, film, TV and music videos.

  3. Zoic Studios

    Zoic Studios

    Zoic Studios is a special effects company based in Culver City, California which primarily deals with computer-generated special effects for movies and television.

  4. Brickyard VFX

    Brickyard VFX

    Brickyard is a digital production studio skilled in high-end visual effects, animation, design, and creative development for advertising, feature films, and emerging media. With a 20-year presence in Boston, the Brickyard studio is artist-centric at its core, fostering a close collaboration of not only artist-to-director but the entire creative team.

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    Pixomondo is an international visual effects company boasting 24-hour production capabilities, sharing projects across a global network of 11 facilities in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Munich, Burbank, Toronto and Hamburg.

  6. Crash+Sues


    Crash+Sues is an award winning post-production company specializing in the seamless integration of cg, visual FX, animation, motion graphics + design, color correction, creative editing, and finishing - as well as a fully equipped media department and all-inclusive client services. The company is committed to providing the ultimate creative environment featuring a team of premier talent assembled from a diverse complement of award-winning industry veterans to young, out-of-the-box creatives with vast amounts of energy and fresh, innovative perspectives.

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    House of Moves

    VICON House of Moves has been the go-to studio for film, television, game and commercial creatives for over 10 years and has recently worked on projects for clients including Microsoft, Activision, EA, Bandai, Rockstar Games, Capcom, THQ, Naughty Dog Studios, SCEA, Bungie and others.

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    The Whitehouse

    The Whitehouse is a film editing company. With offices in London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, The Whitehouse offers editing on Oscar winning movies, award-winning commercials, Emmy-winning TV shows, documentaries and music videos.

  9. Cut+Run


    Founded in Soho in 1997, Cut+Run provides offline editing services rooted in craft, with offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Austin.

  10. Alkemy X

    Alkemy X

    Alkemy X is a media company producing integrated creative content for commercials and promos, branded entertainment, VFX, and original content.

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    The Mission

    The Mission is a high-end visual effects boutique specializing in commercials, film and digital content. With the talents of some of the most creative and experienced artists in the industry, working with the latest tools and a top-notch production staff, The Mission is a lean and dynamic powerhouse of a partner to deploy into your creative process.

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    Eight VFX

    Eight VFX is a company that brings chemistry, originality, and an uncompromised work ethic to the realm of post-production and visual effects.

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    The Field

    The Field is a creative editorial shop designed to accommodate the changing postproduction environment that has developed in the age of Internet films and HD television.

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    Minneapolis-based Splice covers the post-production spectrum from advertising, visual effects, network promotion/IDs and corporate presentations to long-form television and feature film projects.

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    Utopic is an award-winning one-stop hybrid broadcast/digital company dedicated to providing agencies and brands with multi-platform integrated VFX, editorial, production, audio and interactive services.

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    Northern Lights

    Northern Lights is a thriving bi-coastal (NY/LA) post production boutique featuring filmmakers and visual artists with a passion for telling stories. From Promax and Emmy-winning TV branding to commercials, film and Internet content, Northern Lights has been a destination for original ideas since 1995.

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    Based in the Flatiron section of NYC, wild(child) is a creative postproduction boutique with an award winning editorial roster catering to leading advertisers and content creators worldwide.

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    Santa Monica-based Shade, founded in 2009 by company principal and award-winning VFX Director Bryan Godwin, is a leader in the short-form CG market. The studio is defined by its flexible nature and ability to bring feature film-quality pipelines and workflows to short-format projects. Shade is a true collaborator providing director-and agency-focused VFX in a comfortable, interactive creative environment that brings their vision to life from planning (boards, animatics), to production (VFX planning, on-set supervision), to post (editorial, animation, effects).

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    Ingenuity Engine

    Ingenuity Engine is Hollywood-based visual effects and design studio founded in 2004. The company has a reputation for nimbleness and creative experimentation, and has provided VFX and creative post for hundreds of commercials and music videos.

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    New York City based Edit1 specializes in pre-vizualization, animatics and test commercials for global advertising agencies.

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    Fusion CI Studios

    Specializing in high-end fluid & particle fx for television, commercials and feature film, Fusion provides fluid asset packages, rendered images, fluid fx team supervision, consultation, pipeline development and tool-building.

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    Therapy Studios

    Therapy Studios is a fully integrated post-production company whose unique, award-winning work spans commercials, features, music videos and online media. The Los Angeles based company was founded in 2005 by executive producers Joe DiSanto and John Ramsay, vfx artist Wren Waters and editor Doobie White.

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    Company 3

    Company 3 is a comprehensive post production facility for features, commercials and music videos. Known for our creative color artistry, pioneering technology and global reach, Company 3 is trusted to deliver a quality product every time.

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    Proton is a post production studio headquartered in Manhattan. Services include everything from conceptual design to delivery for HD and SD broadcast, web cast, installations and much more.

  25. The Molecule

    The Molecule

    Founded in 2005, The Molecule is a premiere creative facility that creates bespoke imagery for clients worldwide. Over 80 artists, producers, technicians and administrative support collaborate at our New York City and Los Angeles studios.

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    Jack Morton PDG

    Jack Morton/PDG creates award-winning broadcast environments for sports, entertainment and news brands around the world.

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    Numodo offers digital content representation services in the fields of broadcast design, visual effects, live-action and motion design, and provides best-in-class digital content, digital strategy and digital production for screens big and small in mobile, web, film and television.

  28. Phosphene


    Phosphene is a high-end mid-sized New York based VFX boutique specializing in 2D and 3D environmental work. Phosphene is helmed by VFX Supervisor John Bair and VFX Executive Producer Vivian Connolly.