Communication Design Studios

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  1. Ramp Creative

    Ramp Creative

    Ramp is a visual communications agency that elevates communication through creativity. Our focus is providing high-quality, high-communicative graphic design with personal client service.

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    Designbox is a design & communication studio. We are a small gathering of designers & writers who wish to create their own space. At Designbox, we use visual language which fits perfectly with the brand and goes hand in hand with its evolution.

  3. Nail


    Headquartered in Providence, RI, NAIL, is a creative consultancy specializing in advertising, design and branding communications for a roster of clients including Hyperlite, Lifespan, CollegeBound Saver, Navigant, and HopeHealth.

    Providence, RI, United States
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    Jannuzzi Smith

    Jannuzzi Smith makes cross-media communications perform more effectively. Combined expertise in strategic planning, design and technology enables us to exploit the creative potential of individual media, while improving overall consistency and efficiency.

  5. EIGA


    EIGA is a strategic design studio. Our vision is simple yet captivating - we believe in the advance of design-oriented brands and the activating power of Brand Identity. With our many years of experience in strategy, design and communication and a keen feel for the zeitgeist, we help companies to create and cultivate distinctive brands to capture the hearts of their clients.

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    Smog Design

    SMOG Design is a Los Angeles based design firm specializing in all facets of visual communication for the entertainment industry.

  7. SEA Design

    SEA Design

    SEA Design is a strategic visual communication studio based in London. Our clients range from corporate giants through to global fashion icons who all believe in harnessing great design to become great businesses.

  8. Our Design Agency

    Our Design Agency

    Our Design Agency is a brand design and communications agency. We design every interaction between a brand and customer to make a better experience. Everything from service principles and behaviours, to re-thinking key customer facing roles and product ranges. The end result might be captured in a new brand identity, a digital platform, a piece of packaging, or a store environment.

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    Codesign is a communication design studio based in New Delhi, India. Founded by Rajesh Dahiya, the multi-disciplinary team at Codesign consists of a core group of visual communication & new media designers, with an active network of technology and business strategy experts.

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    Office is a San Francisco-based creative studio that values the art of communication. We think of ourselves less as a design firm, advertising agency or marketing company, and more as a team of creative problem-solvers, idea-generators and storytellers.

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    The House

    The House is a family of talented creatives based in London. We help create brands from the ground up.

  12. Sublimio


    Sublimio is a fluid communication studio, focused on excellence. We adapt to the nature of each client with a fluid work model: based on the project, we involve the best communication professionals for each area and we organize them around an excellence focused creative direction. Our team effort creates brand identities, communication campaigns, social campaigns, content strategies, packaging designs.

  13. Dietwee


    Dietwee is an Utrecht design agency. Originally known for party flyers and award winning annual reports, Dietwee has developed into a multi-disciplinary design and communications agency producing corporate identities, websites and communication campaigns for large international banks as well as for theatre festivals or NGO's.

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    Happiness Brussels

    Happiness Brussels is a communication agency managed by 2 partners from 2 generations. We have the experience of 40-somethings and the freshness of 30-somethings. We combine female intuition and flair with male creativity and power.

  15. Alphabet Studio

    Alphabet Studio

    Alphabet is a Sydney-based design practice specializing in visual communication. Predominantly serving arts & entertainment, the partners share expertise in visual identity, brand identity and development, art direction, and website design.

  16. The New Division

    The New Division

    The New Division is a strategic communication group based in Stockholm. By combining strategic and creative thinking, we create good forces for a sustainable future.

  17. KRFL


    KRFL is an independent, international creative agency based in the heart of Amsterdam.

  18. Heimat Berlin

    Heimat Berlin

    Heimat is a Berlin based agency, working on the intersection of digital communication, design and advertising, and is one of Germany's leading creative agencies.

  19. krow


    krow is a creative, independent communications agency, founded in 2005 by Barry Cook, John Quarrey, Malcolm White and Nick Hastings.

  20. is a design and communication studio with more than nine years of experience.

  21. SOOAK


    SOOAK is a design agency located in Madrid and specializes in branding and advertising for companies and institutions. We are not a large design agency, but what we lack in size we more than compensate in talent, creativity and dedication.

    Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain
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    Creative Concern

    Creative Concern is an issues based communications consultancy that delivers high quality and imaginative marketing and public relations solutions to a range of clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

  23. Moxie Sozo

    Moxie Sozo

    Creative design and advertising agency founded in Boulder in 1999. We develop original and creative solutions that allow our clients to communicate, sell, and market themselves in a more effective manner.

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    Ocean offers a fully comprehensive design and communications service. We help to find innovative ways for people to talk to their important audiences, whether they be staff, customers, suppliers, brokers.

  25. Thonik


    Thonik specializes in visual communication with an emphasis on graphic design, interaction design and motion design. We like to combine an integrated strategic approach with high quality design and an adventurous exploration of a broad array of media.

  26. Roosje Klap

    Roosje Klap

    Roosje Klap is a studio for visual communication, mainly graphic design. The studio researches the experimental boundaries of custom fit design, collaborative yet peculiar.

  27. Trapped in Suburbia

    Trapped in Suburbia

    Trapped in Suburbia creates and develops strong visual communications and creative concepts. We enjoy working at the cutting edge, challenging ourselves and those around us, looking further than the length of our nose.