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  • Communication Arts

    Communication Arts

    Founded in 1959, Communication Arts is the premier source of inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, interactive designers, illustrators and photographers-everyone involved in visual communication.

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  • D&AD


    D&AD is an educational charity that represents the global creative, design and advertising communities. Since 1962, D&AD has set industry standards, educated and inspired the next generation, and more recently, has demonstrated the impact of creativity on enhancing business performance. After over 40 years, D&AD remains the only association that embraces the full communications mix and recognizes the increasing importance of integrated communications.

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  • Nail


    Headquartered in Providence, RI, NAIL, is a creative consultancy specializing in advertising, design and branding communications for a roster of clients including Hyperlite, Lifespan, CollegeBound Saver, Navigant, and HopeHealth.

    Providence, RI, United States

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    PRINT is a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design. Covering a field as broad as communication itself, PRINT documents and critiques commercial, social, and environmental design from every angle.

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  • EIGA


    EIGA is a strategic design studio. Our vision is simple yet captivating - we believe in the advance of design-oriented brands and the activating power of Brand Identity. With our many years of experience in strategy, design and communication and a keen feel for the zeitgeist, we help companies to create and cultivate distinctive brands to capture the hearts of their clients.

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  • SEA Design

    SEA Design

    SEA Design is a strategic visual communication studio based in London. Our clients range from corporate giants through to global fashion icons who all believe in harnessing great design to become great businesses.

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  • Method


    Method creates value and impact through the design of meaningful brands, digital products, and service experiences. Our work enables organizations to stay relevant and transforms their ability to make, adapt, and grow.

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  • Joel Derksen

    Joel Derksen

    Joel Derksen is an award-winning designer, specialized in packaging, branding, web and more. Joel helps to create compelling narratives that offer brands a glimpse into untapped opportunities, both in terms of developing new offerings & strategies for growth and redefining existing products.

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    Strohl is an eclectic design company based in San Francisco. We focus on the whole enchilada, integrating a brand story and visual identity seamlessly, allowing customers to identify with you directly.

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    Amsterdam Worldwide

    Amsterdam Worldwide's multi-cultural strategic, creative, digital, media and management teams work in collaboration with clients and agency partners to create highly effective, integrated pan-European and global campaigns. The agency is at the forefront of branded content creation and social media initiatives, building passionate customer relationships, and delivering results for clients who think big and are open to the innovative and unconventional.

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    Office is a San Francisco-based creative studio that values the art of communication. We think of ourselves less as a design firm, advertising agency or marketing company, and more as a team of creative problem-solvers, idea-generators and storytellers.

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