Communication Designers

  1. Joel Derksen

    Joel Derksen

    Joel Derksen is an award-winning designer, specialized in packaging, branding, web and more. Joel helps to create compelling narratives that offer brands a glimpse into untapped opportunities, both in terms of developing new offerings & strategies for growth and redefining existing products.

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    Alexandra Mendes

    Alexandra Mendes, independent Art Director & Designer working under Blank for private clients and collaborating with design studios worldwide.

  3. Roberta Gheda

    Roberta Gheda

    Design studio based in Mexico City headed by the Italian designer Roberta Gheda. The studio specializes in branding, retail concept design and packaging design.

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    Banu Alpay Waldman

    Banu Alpay Waldman is a freelance communication designer with 10+ years of expertise in all aspects of creative strategy across industries on an international scale. Specializing in digital, print, and spatial content to drive marketing and enhance user and brand engagement.

  5. Steve Bretschneider

    Steve Bretschneider

    Steve Bretschneider is an accomplished visual communications professional who offers a wide range of graphic design, illustration and motion graphic services to corporate and non-profit institutions.

  6. Heidi Romano

    Heidi Romano

    Heidi Romano is a freelance designer and art director with a diverse skill set, honed through 15 years of experience.

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    Evan Dorlot

    Evan Dorlot is a freelance graphic designer based in Prague and working across Europe.

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    Mara Colombo

    Mara Colombo is passionate about giving life to ideas. She tell stories designing engaging experiences, both on a large or small scale. These experiences take many shapes: video, identity design, illustrations, software applications, web design, and immersive AV environments.

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    Alan Clarke

    Multi-disciplined freelance designer providing intelligent design solutions and project management for corporate branding, communications, exhibitions, and promotional merchandise.

  10. Nat Carroll

    Nat Carroll

    Nat is an independent art director, designer, and illustrator with a warm, playful, expressive style. Based on the southeast coast of Australia, Nat works remotely, for clients who've included the ABC, triple j, Lorde, Neil Finn & Paul Kelly, The Mushroom Group and MusicNSW.

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    Nils Voelker

    Nils Voelker online portfolio showing work in graphic design, exhibition, print design, illustration and internet.

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    William Salit

    Wm usually serves as Creative Director and/or Art Director on every project. But he is completely enmeshed with and dependent upon a colorful blend of marketing folks who contribute their senior design, copy-writing, strategic, production, web, and alliance-building skills to the studios knowledge base.

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    David Badajoz

    David Badajoz offers distinctive combination of creative talent and understanding of your business/markets that you target.