Engineering Design Companies

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    Pocobor. is a mechatronics design firm in the Bay Area. We design and develop mechatronic / embedded systems from the protyping stage through to manufacture. Our focus is on mechanical, electrical, and software design integration and implementation.

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    Daedalus brings extensive design and engineering capability to product development problems. We develop market-leading and award-winning products on time and in budget.

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    C2P is a full service product development firm providing innovative and unique designs of the highest quality. We strongly believe in utilizing the best in creativity and state of the art technology to deliver total design and manufacturing solutions to our customers.

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    Probasco Design

    Probasco Design is a product design and development firm specializing in transforming clients' ideas from concept to production-ready designs suitable for the manufacturing process.

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    Samson Design

    Incorporating design, engineering and human factors study, Samson Design specializes in creating product solutions for the medical, consumer, and technical industries.

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    Enventure is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, leading design engineering, data management and compliance services company founded in 1997.

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    Nexten Tech

    Nexten Tech is a full service product design & development firm based in Toronto, Canada. At Nexten, we know how to transform the ideas to real world products.

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    Bright Product Development

    Bright Product Development designs the things that you can touch, hold, and see. We work with companies and individuals to complement their areas of expertise - fields that range from computers, electronics, and machinery, to pet toys and sports equipment.

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    Alpine Engineering and Design

    Alpine is a comprehensive mechanical engineering and product design company. Our passion is helping people make their product ideas a reality.

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    Swarm is an independent, scalable design and engineering firm. Swarm makes product concepts a reality. From industrial design to engineering analysis, from packaging design to branding and web development - Swarm knows product development.

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    CDN is a single source product development partner for several Fortune 500 companies, working on some of the world's most recognizable brands. Since our organization in 1985 CDN has developed countless products that have been commercially successful in markets such as consumer products, commercial and industrial equipment, and healthcare devices.

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    JL Troupe

    JL Troupe is a full service engineering and design firm located in Huntsville Alabama, the high tech center of the Southeast. We can take your ideas from concept to reality with a dedicated professional staff that is in tune with your needs.

  13. WhiteLight Design

    WhiteLight Design

    WhiteLight Design is committed to inventors and companies for building dreams and supporting the highest level of industrial design, product engineer and prototype service possible. We focus on the Fundamentals using masters level industrial design, 3D CAD, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing experience with advanced materials technology and strategic business intelligence to deliver long term, human-centered design solutions. We understand that your idea or product is a potential vessel to success and we will work with you to tailor a specific development phase or full program to deliver the prototype of your dreams.

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    Prototype Productions

    PPI is a core values driven and high-tech product development, manufacturing and commercialization group. We specialize in bringing tangible innovation to market at an accelerated pace in the spirit of craftsmanship.

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    Cypress Solutions

    Cypress Solutions is a product development company specializing in the design and manufacture of wireless products for industrial and commercial markets.

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    Brainchild Engineering

    Brainchild Engineering is a company dedicated to helping inventors and innovators make their ideas reality. With a focus on technical engineering challenges, we work directly with customers and within the product design industry.

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    Team Design Group

    We help other innovators develop products. Team Design Group is a verified veteran-owned small business with over 20 years experience in product design, industrial design, engineering services, product development, rapid prototype development, including in house 3D printing, model making and project management. We can integrate into large companies' processes as either a teammate or a contractor.

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    Advantage Electronic Product Development

    Advantage is known for its capabilities in support of space and Earth sciences, renewables/energy and a wide range of instrumentation development. We were a pioneer in the development of smart grid components, producing systems that helped ignite a new market-driven demand for energy efficiency.

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    MedSpark is a biomedical engineering firm focused on developing medical professionals' product ideas throughout the world.

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    Teckdes offers an integrated, complete and applicable I+D solution for the customer's needs and requirements in a collaborative environment.

  21. BEC Group

    BEC Group

    BEC Group is a UK based company dedicated to offering bespoke plastic design, tooling and molding services. We inject over 30 years of British heritage into every project we undertake.

  22. SGW Designworks

    SGW Designworks

    SGW Designworks is a full service product engineering firm offering turnkey development to businesses across multiple markets, including complete mechanical design development, electronics design, and embedded systems development throughout the full product development cycle. We apply Lean Startup principles, which means frequent, focused prototyping and iterations throughout development.

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    Fentech offers mechanical design of anything from adaptors and add-ons for existing machinery to complete machines. We focus on mechanical products, but can also integrate electronics and hydraulics to create state of the art working systems. Manufacturing is carried out in house, but we also have an extensive range of suppliers from fabricators to high precision machine shops to call on to get the job complete to the highest standard.

  24. Nijiworks


    Nijiworks is an engineering firm that offers 3D design & development, prototype manufacturing, and mold design & manufacturing services.

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    Altair Engineering

    Through product design consulting, advanced engineering software, and high performance computing technologies, Altair Engineering increases innovation for clients around the globe.

  26. Oat Foundry

    Oat Foundry

    Oat Foundry is an agency of engineers that design and build all kinds of cool stuff for brands and companies. From Split Flap Displays, to an industrialized cold brew plant - our team just outside Philadelphia is a fully capable engineering design studio in a prototyping and light scale manufacturing facility.

  27. Designer Systems

    Designer Systems

    Designer Systems are a product design and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative products for client companies and individuals. Our product development capability encompasses a wide range of business sectors including telecommunications, broadcast, industrial, automotive, marine and commercial.

  28. Imaginationeering


    Imaginationeering is a product development firm in Houston Texas. We guide your idea into the concept phase all the way through engineering, prototyping and manufacturing phases.

  29. Art of Mass Production

    Art of Mass Production

    Art of Mass Production is an engineering consulting company specializing in the technologies of mass production. We help our clients bring new products to market.

  30. Certa Design

    Certa Design

    Certa is a multidisciplinary design and engineering agency with a huge passion for the products that move us. We provide consultancy and develop ideas into a reality over a broad range of industries and applications. Our expertise in design, simulation, engineering and manufacture provides a complete package and experience for our clients.