Engineering Design Companies

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    Juggernaut Design

    Juggernaut Design is a blend of inquisitively minded Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers that have a passion for developing innovative products that redefine the market place. We provide successful solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations within a variety of markets. Juggernaut Design brings fresh insight, making us a powerful addition to your development team.

  2. IDeTech


    IDeTech is a young company based in Argentina, offering design engineering and innovation for companies.

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    C2P is a full service product development firm providing innovative and unique designs of the highest quality. We strongly believe in utilizing the best in creativity and state of the art technology to deliver total design and manufacturing solutions to our customers.

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    Brightside provides a complete design consultancy service. Through our network of skilled designers, engineers and creative individuals, Brightside designs a wide range of products including consumer goods, electronic devices, safety products, medical devices & furniture.

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    Sparx Engineering

    Sparx is an engineering firm that specializes in custom electronics, software development, mechanical design and full product development. Sparx can rapidly create prototypes and carry them into production.

  6. ACE


    ACE Product Design develop innovative product that stands out from the commodity goods available today. We provide fresh Australian design for the Australian market.

  7. Progresso Technology

    Progresso Technology

    Progresso Technology was founded in October 2016 and is led by two industrial design engineers with a strong portfolio of innovative products. Whether you want a new product for the product portfolio, have an idea for a new startup, Progresso Technology makes sure that it becomes a reality.

  8. Spanner


    Spanner is a creative engineering team filled with passion and determination to bring innovative products to life. From engineering to build, Spanner is ready to collaborate with designers, entrepreneurs, investors, communities, and businesses around the globe to realize a vision.

  9. Bayard Design

    Bayard Design

    Bayard Design provides engineered solutions to our customers' product design projects. Our team can run your project from concept to design to launch to sustaining to redesign. We bring the latest best practices and techniques to bear on your product.

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    Iain Sinclair Design

    Founded by Iain Sinclair in 1964, Iain Sinclair Design is a design house that conceives, designs and develops highly innovative consumer products for global markets, using an in-house team of specialist industrial designers, electronic/mechanical engineers and CGI artists.

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    Ximedica provides expert human-centered research, product development, regulatory, and introductory manufacturing services to leading medical and healthcare companies.

  12. MEEE


    MEEE is an integrated engineering company composed of a group of agile and experienced engineers skilled in different scopes of engineering work including electrical & electronic engineering, PCB designing, mechanical engineering, MEP engineering and 3D modeling. In addition to its designing services, MEEE provides prototyping, 3D printing, and manufacturing services.

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    Tiger Industrial

    Tiger Industrial is a small design and engineering firm. Our head engineer is Gabriel Corbett and he handles most of the design and consulting.

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    Engineering and Design Concepts - EDC

    Engineering and Design Concepts Inc is a new product and equipment development corporation committed to providing quality products, engineering and manufacturing services. We are a multi-disciplinary team with a diverse skill set in design, engineering, automation and fabrication. Assisting in all phases of product development in varying capacities, from concept creation, prototyping, to designing in-process equipment, fabrication and test. EDC serves biotech, medical device, aerospace, telecommunications and consumer product markets and is immediately available to respond to your project needs.

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    QuEST is a leading provider of engineering solutions for advanced technology products in the Aerospace, Automotive, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Product domains. We are a Six Sigma trained company with expertise that ranges from concept to product realization services.

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    Iota Sigma

    UK based product engineering and manufacturing firm - specialized in custom enclosures, boxes and equipment housings for all industries and applications.

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    Kapacitet was founded on the first of January, 2001, in response to the need for access to specialized capacity, with focus on 3D CAD design, development, and engineering of new products, as well as optimization of existing ones.

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    ACMT Engineering is a leading company in providing engineering support based on numerical simulation and the production of prototypes and small series. The engineering team has extensive skills in the field of structural, dynamic, non-linear, thermal and fluid flow numerical simulation, design and production.