Furniture Design Studios in Canada

  1. Alphabet


    Alphabet is a furniture and lighting design studio. Each project is an original idea, thought up, and built in their Montreal workshop.

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    Providing a broad range of design services for diverse projects including private residences, retail, corporate, hospitality, exhibitions and creative agencies, +tongtong exists to realize with their clients, world-class projects which are purposeful and are evocative contributions to the world.



    Gabrielle Rousseau and Philip Staszewski founded IVYSTUDIO, a multidisciplinary studio pursuing a timeless design through minimalistic forms and elegant details, in 2015 following their studies in architecture.

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    Stroudfoot is an emerging design company with a focus on sleek decay. The studio designs and produces furniture and lighting for private clients and offers design-build for top restaurants around Toronto.

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    Heidi Earnshaw Design

    Heidi Earnshaw Design is a studio based practice specializing in the design and production of handcrafted, solid wood furniture, functional objects and fully fitted spaces.

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    Rob Southcott Studio Works

    Rob Southcott Studio Works focuses on the conceptualization and implementation of artful objects and installations which help enhance our daily lives.

  7. Konisa Studio

    Konisa Studio

    Konisa is a design studio focused in solving problems with functionality and making people's lives easier by ways of transforming repurposed and renewable materials into innovative goods to make a positive impact to the environment and local communities.

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    Sodi Designs

    Toronto based designers, Dian Carlo and Sonia Chan, creating contemporary modern metal furnishings for residential and commercial with their very own "patina" finish.

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    Toronto based industrial design studio specializing in concepts for the spaces we eat, sleep and live in. Dedicated to producing works with locally sourced, sustainable materials with as little environmental impact as possible.

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    Oliver Apt.

    An Edmonton-based carpentry studio that collaborates with clients on the design & woodworking of interior spaces, custom furniture & products.