Furniture Design Studios in Germany

  1. Studio Terhedebrügge

    Studio Terhedebrügge

    Terhedebrügge is a Berlin-based design studio founded by graphic designer Antonia Terhedebrügge and industrial designer Silvia Terhedebrügge.

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    Studio Dreimann

    Studio Dreimann creates and designs consumer goods, industrial goods and furniture. The design of Studio Dreimann is not determined by a formal style, much more the studio complements familiar forms with new functions and new functions with familiar forms. This leads to products created with additional and emotional value.

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    STILTREU designstudio

    Christian Dorn established 2003 STILTREU designstudio and has been designing internationally successful products for renowned clients. In its designs Christian Dorn places enormous value on well thought through, intuitive functionality and precise implementation, on design with charisma and high aesthetic appeal.

  4. Studio Makuko

    Studio Makuko

    Studio Makuko is a furniture design studio focused on minimalist furniture with a high demand for design and functionality. Studio Makuko has made it its mission to create practical pieces of furniture with high design standards.

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    Laufer + Keichel

    Julia Laufer and Marcus Keichel founded the Berlin based design agency Laufer + Keichel in 2003. Their work is characterized by the quest to create everyday objects with a human face, regardless if it is architecture or product design.