Furniture Design Studios in the Netherlands

  1. De Vorm

    De Vorm

    De Vorm is a Netherlands-based furniture design studio that develops sustainable products.

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    Studio Lawrence

    Studio Lawrence has been established in order to create quality furniture made by hand. Its founders, Dutch designers Patrick O. de Louwere and Bart Eijking, strive to create beauty combining craftsmanship with the arts.

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    Pastoe creates progressive contemporary furniture that pays due attention to tradition and craftsmanship.

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    Founded by designer Ronald Knol, RKNL creates furniture for the RKNL collection and other brands. The designs are distinguished by soft edges and clean lines.

  5. Studio Markunpoika

    Studio Markunpoika

    Studio Markunpoika works on project ranging from industrial design to limited editions and one-off pieces for companies, galleries and private clients.

  6. Brothers and Sons

    Brothers and Sons

    Brothers and Sons is determined to create pioneering design in a timeless form using innovative and sustainable materials. Thanks to pure craftsmanship, courage and research, the at times seemingly impossible is made possible. Breaking the standards by stretching the boundaries of design and production.

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    Studio Macura

    Studio Macura is a multi disciplinary design studio co founded by Marko Macura. The studio designs furniture and industrial products and solutions for a variety of clients while in parallel running its own collection of interior accessories and small furniture.

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    Spell aspires to create a new dimension of lifestyle products, constantly looking for new ways to engage the public with inspiring designs. To achieve this, Spell cooperates with various passionate and talented designers.

  9. bERT&dENNIS


    bERT&dENNIS design studio is the brainchild of Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch. Driven by a lifelong passion for furniture and textiles, they work together as a team towards a single shared aesthetic.

  10. LIAN


    LIAN is a product and interior designing studio based in the Netherlands, founded by Product designer Lian van Wanrooij.

  11. Atelier Robotiq

    Atelier Robotiq

    Atelier Robotiq is a Rotterdam based designers collective. We design lighting and furniture which we manufacture ourselves using a industrial robot.

  12. Studio Wieki Somers

    Studio Wieki Somers

    Studio Wieki Somers, founded in 2003 by Wieki Somers and Dylan Van Den Berg, is best known for creating fantastical versions of everyday objects through unusual materials and vigorous conceptual research. Based in an old customhouse in the harbour of Rotterdam, the Studio works across furniture and industrial design, offering an enlightened and enchanting vision of the world.

  13. Kranen/Gille


    Founded in 2007 by Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille, Kranen/Gille is a design studio based in the south of the Netherlands.