Furniture Design Studios in Spain

  1. MUT Design

    MUT Design

    MUT is a design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez in 2010, as a multidisciplinary team whose values are based upon the principle of emotive design. High doses of experimentation and a lot of imagination to redefine everyday objects.This unique quality and fresh approach to everyday life unifies each of their projects, making of this enterprising atelier a design icon, ever growing and improving.

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    Odosdesign is a multidisciplinary studio is created by Ana Segovia, Maria Mengual and Luis Calabuig.

  3. La Clinica Design

    La Clinica Design

    At La Clinica we are dedicated to creating timeless products with fine regard for the details. We love good design and have great respect for our environment.

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    Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio

    HTDS is an independent design studio with a distinct vision. We believe in taking the meaning of creative designing to one step further by emphasizing that the outcome of our projects be as innovative as possible.

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    Andres Bluth

    Product design studio located at Barcelona. We are working on furniture lighting and mainly projects on outdoor furniture. Andres Bluth also teachs at IED Barcelona since 2004.

  6. bdm design

    bdm design

    bdm design, established in London in 1999 by industrial designer Beatriz Matud, is specialized in the design and development of contemporary furniture, lighting and illustration.

  7. Dsignio


    Dsignio is a Madrid-based product design studio co-founded in 2002 by Patxi Cotarelo and Alberto Bejerano.

  8. ABAD


    ABAD is a furniture design studio founded by Jon and Iker Abad, based in Getxo, Spain.

  9. Oitenta


    Oitenta is an independent product design and crafting studio based in A Coruña, Spain. We create special objects that blend our personality, our values and our design philosophy with our custom-made production capacity.