Furniture Design Studios in the United States

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    Founded in 2005 by Zoe Coombes and David Boira, Commonwealth is a furniture, art and design studio based in New York City. Harnessing a new fluidity enabled by machine languages, Commonwealth's interests are as material and emotional as they are technical. Working within the worlds of contemporary art and industrial furniture design, Commonwealth aims to produce work that embodies a sense of elegant desire through an engagement with both the newest of tools and the oldest of techniques.

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    Artecnica is a Los Angeles based design company that collaborates with the most established and emerging international designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment.

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    NunoErin was founded in 2006 and is led by Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne. The studio designs and produces innovative projects in furniture and visual arts. Our designs encourage creative interaction between people and objects, enhance the sensory experience, and reflect our immediate environment.

  4. Aguirre Design

    Aguirre Design

    Aguirre Design is a family-owned design studio specializing in the highest quality furniture for the modern home. Founded by designer Mauricio Aguirre, the New York-based brand offers a collection of elegant made-to-order retail furnishings and creates custom and bespoke pieces for residential, commercial, and to-the-trade clients.

  5. Rainlight


    Rainlight is an integrated studio working in London and Los Angeles. More than a design practice, we discover the needs of a changing world through cross-cultural research within our own network of experts in various market sectors. Part Laboratory, part workshop, part studio, Rainlight combines inspired design thinking with business acumen to create artifacts that enhance how people live, work, and play in the real world.

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    David Weeks

    David Weeks is known for his large scale mobile chandeliers, standing lamps and sconces. Originally a painter and sculptor, Weeks established David Weeks Studio in 1996. Employing his sculpture background, Weeks developed a line of lights possessing both the clean perfection of machine-made products and the creative freedom of one-of-a kind objects.

  7. Token


    Token is a New York-based design studio that merges contemporary art and industrial design.

  8. Studio Dunn

    Studio Dunn

    Studio Dunn works with a network of local designers, artisans, and manufacturers in and around Rhode Island to develop and refine designs. Focusing on the use of classic materials including wood, metal, glass, and ceramics, and through the use in-house fabrication capabilities Studio Dunn uses experimental processes to create innovative designs.

  9. dTank


    Our team of designers, engineers and fabricators collaborate with architects and designers to create custom furniture solutions for commercial, corporate, educational and healthcare environments by integrating the entire process - from 3-D concept, engineering, manufacturing through final installation.

  10. Egg Collective

    Egg Collective

    Egg Collective is a New York-based design company established by three female designers. Pulling from its founders' backgrounds in architecture, art, and woodworking, the company creates exquisitely crafted American-made furniture, objects and lighting.

  11. Home Studios

    Home Studios

    Home Studios is a New York-based design studio for interiors, making furniture and lighting under the label Homework. First recognized for creating cult neighborhood favorite bars and restaurants, Home Studios currently undertakes hotel, hospitality, residential and retail projects across the country, widely respected for their continual commitment to experimentation and innovation. Home Studios is directed by co-founder Oliver Haslegrave.

  12. Phase Design

    Phase Design

    Phase Design was founded in Los Angeles in 2000 by award winning designer Reza Feiz. Working within his philosophy of "strength in simplicity," he uses solid woods, metal, ceramics and fiberglass in luxurious finishes to realize his simple, yet dynamic furniture, lighting and tabletop designs.

  13. Studio Gorm

    Studio Gorm

    Studio Gorm is a design office founded in 2007 by John Arndt and Wonhee Arndt. They design products, furniture, lighting, interiors and exhibitions. Their designs are informed by their speculative academic research which explores culture, history and technology and how objects and ideas evolve to fit the needs of modern life.

  14. Ted Boerner

    Ted Boerner

    Founded in 1988 by Ted Boerner and Frank Pontes, we are a San Francisco based design studio offering innovative and original furnishings.

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    MASHstudios is a multidisciplinary Los Angeles-based design firm that combines award-winning design and engineering experience with local manufacturing capabilities to challenge the status quo of modern design. MASH's philosophy focuses on client-centered service, acute attention to detail, and consistent use of innovative forms and materials, all with the goal of creating timeless design.

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    Graham Design

    Graham Design studio, based in San Francisco, offers a strategic approach to the design, development and marketing of furniture, lighting and related products for the contract market.

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    Jason Miller Studio

    Jason Miller designs everything from furniture to tchotchky to interiors and he works in a multitude mediums. Jason's designs often draw on everyday aspects of American culture to create contemporary design objects that could just as easily be conceptual art.

  18. Lounge22


    Lounge22 designs and handcrafts its exclusive collection of furniture from its Los Angeles, California headquarters.

  19. Tovin Design

    Tovin Design

    Tovin Design is a design licensing and consulting office focused on the home furnishing market. Founder Blake Tovin along with a staff of designers work with leading retailers and manufactures to develop products that evoke each clients brand and expand their market position.

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    Von Tundra

    Von Tundra is a Portland-based design house specializing in the creation of contemporary furniture, fixtures, installations, and interiors.

  21. Kalon Studios

    Kalon Studios

    Founded in 2007 by Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen, Kalon produces work with a strong focus on elemental forms, natural materials and versatility. The studio prides itself on its intense focus on materiality, which is at the forefront of each of their designs, as is an obsession with integrity.

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    East Main

    East Main provides design services for projects ranging from trade show exhibits to tabletop housewares, from furniture collections to consumer products.

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    Greenwood Studio

    Greenwood Studio is a custom woodworking shop located in Grand Rapids MI, designs and builds beautiful handcrafted furniture and cabinetry for residential and commercial clients.

  24. Trueing


    Trueing is a Brooklyn-based design studio founded by Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman.

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    Touch Design Studio

    Touch Design Studio is an award winning Brooklyn-based creative consultancy founded in 2001 by Peter Valois and Michael Marra. Touch has created works in the worlds of lighting, furniture, tabletop, space/envionment, visual merchandising, fashion, art, print & web.

  26. Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

    Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

    Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a bi-coastal based design studio operating between Seattle and Brooklyn embracing the best of both coasts. L&G Studio's aesthetic and design philosophy is about complementary opposites with an unexpected balance of warm minimalism, playful austerity, and simple sophistication. Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studio's explorative spirit is a blend of their resourceful curiosity with the desire to celebrate material & functionality. Their focus is on creating a diverse set of products from small objects, home decor goods, jewelry, to furniture, lighting, and beyond.

  27. YONSEI


    YONSEI is a New York-based design studio, collaborating with manufacturers and bringing form to the abstract. It was founded in 2016 by industrial designer Jonathan Yoshida Rowell.