Furniture Designers

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  1. Øivind Slaatto

    Øivind Slaatto

    Danish designer Øivind Slaatto is recognized for his simple and poetic solutions. Looking to nature as his most important source of inspiration, Slaatto seeks to transfer characteristics such as rationality, logic, and harmony to his designs.

  2. Erwan Boulloud

    Erwan Boulloud

    For fifteen years, Erwan Boulloud has associated new technologies to his traditional know-how, and grown his studio, Atelier EB, into a six-person team of multidisciplinary artisans. His sculptural approach to design and eclectic choice of materials sets him apart in the contemporary art scene and his work is featured in fairs and exhibitions around the world. His pieces are unique or limited editions, signed and numbered.

  3. Matti Klenell

    Matti Klenell

    Matti Klenell is a Swedish designer based in Stockholm. He designs furniture and lamps for mass production for companies such as Fontana Arte and Iittala.

  4. Namon Gaston

    Namon Gaston

    Namon Gaston is a designer and maker of contemporary fine furniture based in Edinburgh.

  5. Eugeni Quitllet

    Eugeni Quitllet

    Eugeni Quitllet is a Catalan designer working in Barcelona. Eugeni creates bestselling objects between drawings and sculptures, mastering fullness and voids to reveal elegant silhouettes hidden in the material.

  6. Helen Middleton

    Helen Middleton

    Helen Middleton is a contemporary British designer creating luxury, playful objects, graced with beauty with an elegant, timeless quality.

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    Peter Nolan

    Peter Nolan is an industrial designer who designs and licenses furniture and home products to manufacturers.

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    Karl Malmvall

    Furniture designer with 20 year experience. Have collaborate with Ikea and other large retailers since I finish the school.

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    Ross Annels

    Ross designs and makes contemporary fine furniture, using sustainable Australian timbers, from his studio outside Cooroy, near Noosa, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

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    Jon Goulder

    Award winning Australian designer-maker specializing in contemporary furniture, product and interiors.

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    Donna Walker

    Donna Walker is a furniture and spatial designer based in London who works predominantly with existing unloved, damaged and discarded items, and transforms them into new and desirable pieces of furniture, whilst retaining and celebrating their history.

  12. David Allan Pesso

    David Allan Pesso

    Founder and managing principal of New Studio, David Allan Pesso has a degree in industrial design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Over the span of 25 years, Pesso has worked across a variety of disciplines, including interior design, architectural millwork, environmental graphics, and product design and development for the commercial interiors industry.

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    Damien Gernay

    Damien Gernay approach of the object is determined by a sensitive outlook on today's world.

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    Scott Klinker

    Furniture designer and educator Scott Klinker heads the graduate 3D design program at the renowned Cranbrook Academy of Art as Designer-in-Residence, where he also received his MFA in 1996.

  15. Jill Rossi

    Jill Rossi

    Jill Rossi is an award-winning designer who holds a master's degree in furniture design from the Rhode Island School of Design, a bachelor's degree in interior design, has practiced at two of the leading architecture firms in North Carolina, and has been featured in numerous shows and exhibitions, most notably at Martha Stewart Living and the Milan Furniture Fair.

  16. Louis A. Lara

    Louis A. Lara

    Recognized for the unique sculptural quality he brings to his work, Louis A. Lara has been creating award winning designs since 1986.

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    Andrzej Loza

    Andrzej Loza is an accomplished professional with over 40 years global experience in interior and industrial design on a variety of projects both residential and commercial. His passion is finding individual and creative design solutions, which support the lifestyle of his clients.

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    Bec Brittain

    Bec Brittain is a designer and artist in Brooklyn, NY. Her work consistently reflects her variety of interests - creating relationships between concept and material, the natural and produced, decorated and sparse.

  19. Ann Marie Vering

    Ann Marie Vering

    Ann Marie Vering is an award-winning designer based in Los Angeles, California. With a hybrid portfolio of hotel design, furniture design and restaurant design, Ann uses a holistic and efficient approach to handcraft each project from concept to completion.

  20. Jonathan Otter

    Jonathan Otter

    A Master furniture designer and maker, Jonathan works with a exclusive team of experts to bring his fine furniture designs to customers all over the world. From his humble old-world style studio in rural Nova Scotia, Jonathan designs the old way: with paper, ink, patterns and modelling clay. From life size prototypes, he and his team collaborate to make exceptionally fine and rare pieces of functional art.

  21. Richard Frinier

    Richard Frinier

    Richard Frinier is an American designer of indoor and outdoor furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories for residential, contract, hospitality and resort environments. He is best known for bringing the quiet elegance and sophistication of interior spaces to the outdoors, and the casual and balanced nature of the outdoors inside.

  22. Cuno Frommherz

    Cuno Frommherz

    Cuno Frommherz is a Switzerland based furniture designer. His work is represented in the collections of such renowned brands as Cassina, de Sede, Leolux and Rolf Benz.

  23. Angelica Tcherassi

    Angelica Tcherassi

    Angelica Tcherassi is an independent product & interior designer. Designing furniture and lighting grants the access to homes in a different scale, it is where Angelica Tcherassi gets to show her own voice.