Furniture Designers

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  1. Lee Broom

    Lee Broom

    Lee Broom is a furniture designer based in London. Since 2007 he has released over 75 furniture and lighting products, which he designs and manufactures under his own label and has created more than 20 products for other brands. He has also designed over 40 commercial retail, restaurant, bar and residential interiors.

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    Dennis Slootweg

    Dennis Slootweg makes eye catchers that have a practical functionality, often as single copies or in a very limited edition. His designs come into being while building, using traditional metal working machines, often during prolonged periods and based on one theme.

  3. Helen Kontouris

    Helen Kontouris

    Helen Kontouris has worked as a designer for over a decade and is known for integrating organic forms and imaginative elements into traditional concepts. Her approach often takes traditional, linear concepts and combines a fluid feminine sensibility inspired from a narrative informed by her travels.

  4. Reinier de Jong

    Reinier de Jong

    Designer Reinier de Jong works on both architectural and product design. Reinier de Jong has designed several acclaimed furniture designs like REK bookcase, KEER chair and VOLT table and award-winning architectural designs.

  5. Marc Th. van der Voorn

    Marc Th. van der Voorn

    Marc Th. van der Voorn is an Utrecht based designer, working with brands, manufacturers and agents to develup outstanding, affordable interior products.

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    Alfredo Haberli

    Alfredo Haberli is an internationally established designer based in Zurich. In his designs, Haberli manages to unite tradition with innovation, joy and energy.

  7. Peter van de Water

    Peter van de Water

    Furniture designed by Peter van de Water is often recognizable by its simplicity. At the same time it is sophisticated and stylish. Peter van de Water is always looking for that one solution that combines form and function in the most pure fashion. His designs are produced by Cascando, zuiver, TossB, Gispen, Label, Odesi, New Duivendrecht.

  8. Christian Kroepfl

    Christian Kroepfl

    Born in Dornbirn, Christian Kroepfl studied architecture and urban design in Vienna and Paris. In addition to his work as an architect in Vienna, he also designs modern furniture using natural and sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, focusing primarly on the combination of solid hardwood and raw steel, in a variety of designs.

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    Julian Lwin

    Julian Lwin is a British designer living and working in NYC. His work explores the relationship between the material and the immaterial qualities of lighting, product and furniture design.

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    Alessandro Zambelli

    Alessandro Zambelli is an Italian industrial designer, based in Mantua, Italy, whose lines include a diverse array of items from fashion to furniture.

  11. Jaime Hayon

    Jaime Hayon

    Jaime Hayon is a Spanish designer who is causing ripples of excitement throughout the design world with his modern, hugely detailed, whimsical and sometimes even fantastical designs.

  12. Uli Budde

    Uli Budde

    The work of Uli Budde investigates the well-known everyday object, transforming the familiar with new solutions which are both thoughtful and functional.

  13. Todd Bracher

    Todd Bracher

    Todd Bracher Studio has been instrumental in guiding some the most prestigious brands around the world to realize strategic differentiation through design. The Studio was founded in 1999 and provides services to both influence its clients' strategies as well as executing product design projects in a way that inspires the marketplace and elevates brand position. Todd Bracher Studio has worked with clients such 3M, Herman Miller, Jaguar, Humanscale, Burberry, New York City and Cappellini.

  14. Phillip Jividen

    Phillip Jividen

    Phillip Jividen is a designer based in New York focused on linking traditional and contemporary craftsmanship through new and existing manufacturing methods. Phillip's designs are bold, refined minimal pieces that express a critical focus on detail and use of material.

  15. Ronen Kadushin

    Ronen Kadushin

    Ronen Kadushin is an Israeli designer, design educator and creativity expert, living in Berlin. As a pioneer of Open Design, Kadushin focuses his creative work to explore designs that are downloaded, copied, modified and produced, much like in Open Source Software. This exploration resulted in a wide range of products, furniture, and experimental objects, bearing his signature style of expressive, clever and simple design.

  16. Piet Hein Eek

    Piet Hein Eek

    Piet Hein Eek is one of the most prominent Dutch designers of his generation. After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1990 he became famous for creating scrap wood furniture which emphasises production techniques and celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

  17. Philippe Malouin

    Philippe Malouin

    British-Canadian Philippe Malouin holds a bachelor's degree in Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven. His diverse portfolio includes tables, rugs, chairs, lights, art objects and installations.

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    John Green

    John Green is an award winning designer, designing furniture and lifestyle products for manufacture. John's approach is simple - to create innovative and functional designs that people can't resist.

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    Mark Goetz

    Mark Goetz, a graduate professor of industrial design at Pratt Institute, is the principal of TZ Design, a New York City based firm specializing in furniture design for the contract, healthcare, and residential industries.

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    Joan Lao

    Joan Lao is a conceptual designer, creating furniture and lighting pieces and other objects, as well as large-scale interior design projects that always transmit a feeling of peace and balance. His interior designs have a unique quality: they stimulate an immediate and enduring emotional response.

  21. Ora-Ïto


    Ora-Ïto is the label and adopted name of the French product and furniture designer.

  22. Hanne Willmann

    Hanne Willmann

    Hanne Willmann is an industrial designer based in Berlin. Her core competencies lie in the areas of furniture, lights and tableware. Experimenting with various materials and their innumerous combinations forms the basis of all her work. Her inventive designs are characterized by her deep passion for details and the high value placed on aesthetic appeal.

  23. Antrei Hartikainen

    Antrei Hartikainen

    Antrei Hartikainen is a master cabinetmaker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. The award-winning pieces, including functional products and pure art works, achieve heights of sensuality, elegance and craftsmanship that place them with the finest examples of modern nordic carpentry.