Furniture Designers in Australia

  1. Helen Kontouris

    Helen Kontouris

    Helen Kontouris has worked as a designer for over a decade and is known for integrating organic forms and imaginative elements into traditional concepts. Her approach often takes traditional, linear concepts and combines a fluid feminine sensibility inspired from a narrative informed by her travels.

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    Ross Annels

    Ross designs and makes contemporary fine furniture, using sustainable Australian timbers, from his studio outside Cooroy, near Noosa, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

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    Andrzej Loza

    Andrzej Loza is an accomplished professional with over 40 years global experience in interior and industrial design on a variety of projects both residential and commercial. His passion is finding individual and creative design solutions, which support the lifestyle of his clients.

  4. Tom Fereday

    Tom Fereday

    Tom Fereday is an award winning Sydney based freelance industrial/furniture designer with work ranging from exclusive one off pieces to high volume mass-produced design.

  5. CJ And

    CJ And

    Furniture and object designer drawing upon raw industrial elements and delicate aesthetics. His designs are created using both traditional craftsmanship and digital manufacturing with materiality at the core.