Furniture Designers in Germany

  1. Uli Budde

    Uli Budde

    The work of Uli Budde investigates the well-known everyday object, transforming the familiar with new solutions which are both thoughtful and functional.

  2. Ronen Kadushin

    Ronen Kadushin

    Ronen Kadushin is an Israeli designer, design educator and creativity expert, living in Berlin. As a pioneer of Open Design, Kadushin focuses his creative work to explore designs that are downloaded, copied, modified and produced, much like in Open Source Software. This exploration resulted in a wide range of products, furniture, and experimental objects, bearing his signature style of expressive, clever and simple design.

  3. Hanne Willmann

    Hanne Willmann

    Hanne Willmann is an industrial designer based in Berlin. Her core competencies lie in the areas of furniture, lights and tableware. Experimenting with various materials and their innumerous combinations forms the basis of all her work. Her inventive designs are characterized by her deep passion for details and the high value placed on aesthetic appeal.

  4. Carolin Zeyher

    Carolin Zeyher

    Carolin Zeyher is a Berlin based interior & product designer. Her work is a tribute to her love for natural, high-quality materials and sustainable, responsible craftsmanship - including ethical treatment of all people involved in production.