Furniture Designers in Italy

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    Alessandro Zambelli

    Alessandro Zambelli is an Italian industrial designer, based in Mantua, Italy, whose lines include a diverse array of items from fashion to furniture.

  2. Giacomo Moor

    Giacomo Moor

    Giacomo Moor is a designer who lives and works in Milan. Moor creates furniture and furnishing accessories for private clients and design companies. In his workshop he follows the entire production process, from initial concepts through to finished work.

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    Sandro Lopez

    Sandro Lopez is a young designer of Persian and Philippine extraction who currently lives and works in Italy.

  4. Monica Armani

    Monica Armani

    Architect and designer Monica Armani began her professional career working with her father, rationalist architect Marcello Armani. In her projects, formal aesthetics, innovation and engineering give life to a unique and recognizable style, characterized by a continuous connection between industrial design, architecture, art direction and corporate identity: a combination that produces an unexpected use of space, with innovative and specific technical solutions from the lights to the fa├žade, from internal divisions to plant-design solutions.

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    Antonio Pascale

    Antonio Pascale is an Italian designer based in Tuscany. Co-founded and coordinator of Eetico, a project created with the aim of enhancing a "shared factory" between designers and artisans of the Tuscan province.