Furniture Manufacturers

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  1. Artopex


    Artopex is a leading manufacturer of office furniture offering attractive and innovative products. Through its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and design of high-quality products, Artopex ensures the satisfaction of its clients from all spheres of activity.

  2. spHaus


    spHaus was established in 2004 on the initiative of Filippo Dell'Orto.

  3. Orior


    Orior is a family-run brand that was founded in 1979 by Brian and Rose McGuigan. Their son Ciaran McGuigan is reimaging his family's brand and creating classic heritage offerings with a contemporary slant. All pieces are produced in collaboration with expert craftsman and artisans in Newry, Northern-Ireland and created from a library of rich local materials: Irish green marble and solid Irish bog ash and beech, and European oak and walnut.

  4. HBF


    A recognized leader in contract furniture design innovation, HBF offers an award-winning portfolio of side conference and guest seating, executive and management seating, lounge seating, occasional and conference tables.

  5. Council


    Founded by Derek Chen, Council produces singular pieces, and aims to make each one the purest expression of its original design concept. Council's collection is created for a discerning customer that values quality, craftsmanship, authenticity, and, above all, good design.

  6. Woodly


    Woodly designs and produces Montessori furniture, wooden toys, and furnishing accessories in a zero impact, sustainable fashion.

  7. Arco


    Arco is a Dutch furniture manufacturer of high-quality design furniture. Arco manufactures tables, chairs, sideboards and also easy chairs and couches, suitable for use in both private and working spaces.

  8. Molteni&C


    Molteni&C is a leading Italian designer furniture company.

  9. Studio Lorier

    Studio Lorier

    Studio Lorier is a Dutch design label. The designs are contemporary, natural and have a small footprint. The material usage is kept to a minimum, without downgrading on the products functionality. All pieces are handmade in its workshop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  10. Wood Couture

    Wood Couture

    Wood Couture is a luxury hotel furniture/outfit designer and manufacturer based in Dubai, Miami, and Singapore among other locations. Driven by a desire to deliver exceptional quality and service, we get involved in our client's projects from the get-go like no other supplier-manufacturer.

  11. Resident


    Resident is a globally focussed design company from New Zealand with a mission to offer products with an unparalleled level of creativity and innovation. Our furniture and lighting is for design-conscious people who are passionate about the way they live. The highest level of refinement is pursued in each object, while also holding the unique fingerprint of the designer.

  12. Duistt


    Born in Porto in 2014, the company breaths history and modernity. We blend ancient knowledge and techniques with contemporary aesthetics. DUISTT designs refined and sophisticated pieces aiming to provide major comfort and quality. We pursue perfection in every details of our designs.

  13. Brdr. Krüger

    Brdr. Krüger

    Founded in 1886 by the Krüger brothers Theodor and Ferdinand, Brdr. Krüger was originally a woodturning workshop and is today a self-producing design company, where the commitment to quality and craftsmanship has been nurtured for five generations. Brdr. Krüger has a strong passion for wood and believes that timeless quality is achieved through a combination of the best materials and the finest craftsmanship. All furniture pieces are carefully made at the family-run workshop just outside Copenhagen.

  14. Capdell


    Capdell has been committed to design and wood for more than 50 years. Since its inception, Capdell has specialised in the manufacture of top quality wood furniture, engaging in the culture of the project and incorporating into its catalogue products from accredited professionals in different design disciplines.

  15. Kastella


    Kastella was founded by Jason Burhop, a man with a passion for excellent design and craftsmanship. The firm employs dedicated craftspeople who share his passion for creating beautiful, functional and timeless furniture.

  16. De Padova

    De Padova

    A leading name in Italian design, De Padova was founded in Milan in the 1950s by Fernando and Maddalena De Padova. De Padova was the first company to introduce Northern European design to Italy, thus establishing it as a household name and pioneer of design.

  17. Ethnicraft


    Ethnicraft creates beautiful furniture and decorative objects that are the foundation for people's homes, to inspire the stories of their lives. Known for their outstanding craftsmanship, Ethnicraft focuses on creating contemporary and timeless pieces. From furniture crafted from solid wood to a new collection of textiles and throws, Ethnicraft designs were specifically created to curate a warm lively interior whether in a home, office or any commercial setting.

  18. Dare Studio

    Dare Studio

    Dare Studio is a British design company producing award-winning, elegant furniture for luxury residential interiors and high specification contract environments. Established by Sean Dare in 2009, Dare Studio champions the skills of the finest craftsmen and sets a benchmark for the very best in contemporary design and manufacture. Working with globally respected designers sharing a holistic understanding of the manufacturing process, we strive to create pieces that are timeless, future classics.

  19. COR


    COR was established in 1954 by Helmut Lübke and the Prince of Bentheim- Tecklenburg. The owner-managed seating furniture manufacturer based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück today employs over 200 people and produces exclusively in Germany. The international and multi-award-winning design brand COR is distributed worldwide.

    Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
  20. BuzziSpace


    The Belgian company BuzziSpace was established in 2007. The brand combines aesthetics and noise reduction, thanks to the sound-absorbing eco-felt used in the designs, making day-to-day life better in every way.

  21. Manerba


    Manerba is an Italian company that manufactures furniture, partition walls and systems for working spaces and everyday life.

  22. Nienkämper


    Established in 1968, Nienkämper is an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of office furniture. Nienkämper is committed to being at the forefront of innovation; collaborating with forward-thinking designers; and pushing the boundaries of technology.

  23. blank


    Mattiazzi is an Italian firm that specializes in processing wood.

  24. blank


    Founded in 1968 by Peppi Selva as a family operation, Selva stands for creativity, variety, and Italian handicraft quality. With its headquarters in Bolzano in bilingual South Tyrol and production facilities in Isola Rizza near Verona, SELVA is rooted in two cultures, and it is taken for granted how it combines traditional German reliability and precision work with the Italian feel for creative design.

  25. Minotti


    Minotti was founded by Alberto Minotti in the 1950s. The key to the Minotti identity lies in its ability to express the Made in Italy concept to perfection, melding tradition and technology in an indissoluble way: artisan expertise puts the finishing touches to a product that is made using cutting-edge production methods, while intelligent hands lend sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision.

  26. Baker Furniture

    Baker Furniture

    Baker Furniture, a premier manufacturer and designer of fine home furnishings founded by Siebe Baker in 1890, has a rich history of distinguished craftsmanship. What began as a humble cabinet shop has evolved into a glamorous global company with a spot on the world stage of prestigious design.

  27. Haworth


    Haworth is a global leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture and organic workspaces, including raised access floors, moveable walls, systems furniture, seating, storage and wood case goods.

  28. ercol


    We have been designing and making quality furniture since 1920. As well as our in-house design team, we commission some of the best in British design talent to bring you some outstanding furniture. Our designs constantly evolve to reflect how you live today, whilst continuing to reflect ercol's quality and craftsmanship.