Design Organizations

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    Institute of Designers in Ireland

    The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the professional body representing the interests of Irish designers. Its function is to promote high standards of design, to foster professionalism and to emphasise designers responsibility to society, to the client and to each other.

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    Universal Design Association

    The Universal Design Association is dedicated to publicizing this challenge to a broad international audience. Its activities are intended to serve as an inspiration for designers and manufacturers so that their creativity, competence and experience can flow into products, architecture an services for everyone - not just the "aged".

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    Better by Design

    Better by Design is a movement to build New Zealand's awareness of and expertise in design-led business. Our mission is to help New Zealand companies make world class design a bigger differentiator for their products and services in export markets.

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    American Design Club

    The American Design Club (AmDC), founded 2008, aims to bring together designers working under the American Flag. The AmDC seeks to heighten awareness for emerging designers, further promote a sense of community among one another, and to provide sales and exhibition opportunities.

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    Norwegian Design Council

    Norwegian Design Council promotes the use of design as a strategic tool for innovation to achieve greater competitiveness and profitability in Norwegian business and industry.

  6. Design Tasmania

    Design Tasmania

    Design Tasmania proudly celebrates the history and heritage of Tasmanian designers and looks to the future optimistically. We pay homage to Gary Cleveland who founded Design Tasmania, formerly known as The Design Centre and aspire to his vision and understanding of the unique context for design in Tasmania.

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    Designs for Dignity

    Designs for Dignity was initiated in the belief that human beings are entitled to, and nurtured by, living and working within creative environments. Recognizing that constrained budgets of many non-profit organizations often preclude a comfortable and supportive physical environment, we intend to transform existing non-profit spaces through pro bono design services and in-kind donations.

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    Design Onscreen

    Design Onscreen is a non-profit foundation dedicated to producing, promoting and preserving high-quality films on architecture and design.

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    DesignAid is a non-profit organization, solving problems in developing countries with the power of sustainable and ethical design practices. Through intense research and observation of local communities in developing countries, DesignAid helps by designing solutions, products and services for a better life.

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    Design Industry Advisory Committee

    The Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) was formed in January 2001 by City of Toronto Economic Development and comprised of stakeholders of the design industry and the Design Exchange. It set as its primary goal the strengthening of design-related strategic partnerships that address human resource issues and economic development in Ontario.

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    Anti Copying In Design (ACID) is a membership trade organisation, set up by designers for designers. By helping its members to understand and protect their rights, ACID is intent on stamping out intellectual property rights abuse. ACID provides an accessible, practical framework for those who believe that their IP rights have been infringed.

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    Anti Copying In Design

    ACID (Anti Copying In Design) is a membership trade organisation, set up as a round table action group in 1996, by designers for designers. ACID is a hard-hitting action group committed to fighting intellectual property (IP) theft and the promotion of IP as a positive commercial force.

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    DesignInquiry is a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings. An alternative to the design conference, it brings together practitioners from disparate fields to generate new work and ideas around a single topic.

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    Design Impact

    Design Impact is a non-profit organization that partners professional designers with community organizations. These designers work on-site with innovative organizations and the communities they serve to design and implement life-improving solutions.

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    Evansville Design Group

    The Evansville Design Group is a not-for-profit organization formed to promote education, networking, and enrichment within and among the local design community. Through round table discussions, studio tours and presentations, guest lectures, and community involvement, the group and its members are committed to promoting design excellence amongst themselves and in the community at-large.

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    FORM is a dynamic not-for-profit organisation that works to maximise artistic, intellectual and economic endeavour in Western Australia's creative sector. As the state's peak professional association for designers, artists and craftspeople working in 3D media, FORM works to identify opportunities for the creative sector to fulfil its potential in commercial as well as artistic terms.

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    IDZ: Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin

    For more than 35 years, the International Design Centre Berlin as an incorporated society has been a companion to designers and entrepreneurs. It offers great advantages to companies, design-experts and all persons, who are interested in design. The structure of its members constitutes a manifold design-oriented platform in favour of the exchange of ideas and professional networking. The IDZ is a service centre, a consulting office and an intermediary for design in Berlin.

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    AGD: Alliance of German Designers

    The AGD - Alliance of german Designers - is an organisation for freelance Designers from all design fields. The organisation was founded in 1976 and has over 3.000 participants. Besides regular meetings and the chance to connect to other designers, the alliance offers its members a free helpline for law and tax questions and free support for handling the regular design business.

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    DI: The Design Institute

    The Design Institute (DI) develops advanced research, educational programs and interdisciplinary partnerships to improve design in the public realm. Established as one of the University of Minnesota's Strategic Interdisciplinary Initiatives, with recurring funds from the Minnesota Legislature, the DI addresses products, systems and environments, as well as the underlying social processes that bring our everyday material landscape into being.