Graphic Designers

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    Casey Coyle

    Specializing in packaging, wine labels, invitations, logos, brochures and exhibit design.

  2. Catalin Margarit

    Catalin Margarit

    London based multi-disciplinary designer with over 8 years of experience in branding, art direction and digital design. Catalin offers design consultancy, develop visual identities and brand strategies for a range of clients.

  3. Bence Csernak

    Bence Csernak

    Bence Csernak is a full-stack digital product designer based in London. Making complex digital products beautiful and simple.

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    Juan Castillo

    Juan Castillo is a young graphic designer living in New York City. He specializes in event promotional materials and possesses a colorful and hip aesthetic sensibility.

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    Rob Arnow

    Graphic design, web design, logos, branding, illustration and more from award-winning freelance designer Rob Arnow. Based in Brooklyn, New York.

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    Stuart Meredith

    Stuart Meredith is a creative, West London based, graphic designer working with both London design agencies and directly with a variety of clients. His broad portfolio includes design for print, web design and brand identity.

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    Alvalyn Creative

    Alvalyn Creative is a multi-disciplinary design practice providing logo and identity design, illustration, branding, print and web design for businesses and organizations.

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    Veronica Ditting

    Veronica Ditting is an independent graphic designer. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, grew up in Germany and is currently working in Amsterdam and London.

  9. Stephen Kelleher

    Stephen Kelleher

    Stephen Kelleher is an Irish designer working independently in New York. Focusing on visual problem solving through graphic ideation, his work aims to create clear and effective communication across media.

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    Snkart is a design studio, owned by Vede Emanuel, specialized in graphic, print, branding and web design.

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    Peter Kelly

    Peter Kelly is a graphic designer in New York City providing signage, wayfinding, print, identity and interactive design services.

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    Mark Warman

    Mark Warman, a graphic designer and creative director based in South West France.

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    Marcus Kraft

    Online portfolio of the Swiss located graphic designer Marcus Kraft. You'll find a collection of works with emphasis on concept and typography here.

  14. Shane Cruise

    Shane Cruise

    At Shane Cruise Design, the ultimate goal is to couple thought provoking and intelligent design with strategic insight and creative excellence, this is backed up with over 20 years experience and knowledge of working in the design industry, both across the UK and the European mainland.

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    TM Design

    At TM Design, we believe creating strong corporate identities increases the worth of our clients. Since 1984, we have brought innovative support to corporations of all sizes in their communication projects. Our experienced team pools together a variety of competencies, know-how and passions to create compelling and relevant visual identities that provoke tangible results.

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    Lee Mason

    Lee Mason is a freelance graphic designer based in London. Specializing in corporate identity, branding, and web design.

  17. Lukas Ruskys

    Lukas Ruskys

    Freelance graphic designer / art director based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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    Jesse Birch

    Jesse Birch is a top end freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia.

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    Dina Makanji

    Dina Makanji is a freelance motion graphics designer, illustrator and animator based in London.

  20. Stan Diers

    Stan Diers

    Stan Diers is a freelance graphic designer in Hong Kong, specialized in Branding and Web Design. Passionate for design with minimal efficient influences, Stan puts emphasis on revealing functions through form, communicating clearly without much aesthetic superflu.

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    Marcy R. Edelstein

    Graphic designer specializing in custom and 3-D maps, Flash and web design. Site includes portfolio of design, digital art and sculpture.

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    Jovan Rocanov

    Visual acrobat balancing client's needs with contemporary art. Award-winning Art Director experienced in advertising, interactive, and identity design.