Graphic Design Portfolios

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    Clement Laskawiec

    Minimalist interface for maximalist artworks. Graphic design, visual identity, artcover, paint, draw, graffiti and photos for artist Lask.

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    Toby Bartlett

    Toby Bartlett is a visual and graphic artist operating in the mediums of graphic design, photography, sculpture and new media consulting.

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    June Derksen

    Independent graphic designer with over 24 years experience specializing in print, logos and branding, brochures, packaging, illustration and more.

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    Thomas Cheng

    Portfolio of Toronto-based graphic designer, Thomas Cheng. His work includes posters, brochures and more.

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    Gabriele Maci

    Online portfolio of Gabriele Maci. Freelance graphic designer, specializing in corporate identity, communications, magazine design and web design

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    Emilio Jimenez

    Portfolio of the Spanish Art Director & Graphic Designer: Emilio Jimenez. Specialising in multimedia experience.

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    Nicholas Davidson

    Nicholas is an Art Director and Designer based in San Francisco, California. Nicholass ability to merge concept and design has allowed him to work with a wide range of clients and industries from bio-tech to fashion. He is currently accepting projects from agencies, design studios and direct clients. His clients include Herman-Miller, Coca-Cola, New York Times, John Varvatos, Kenneth Cole, Lesportsac, Bio-Rad Labs, West Elm, Le Tigre, Brown-Forman and numerous others.

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    Nicole Baumgarten

    Nicole Baumgarten is a graphic designer based in Denmark. I love to work with all kinds of design, including identity, branding, advertising, packaging, web design and illustration.

  9. Mihoko Miyata

    Mihoko Miyata

    Mihoko Miyata is an award-winning japanese art director and graphic designer based in New York. Focused on the beautiful, clean and modern design, she offers art direction, graphic design across print and digital format, and brand development combined with the environmental graphic design.

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    Dan Hinde

    Dan Hinde is a freelance graphic designer and design student currently based in Cardiff, Wales.

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    Matt Simpson

    Matt is a graphic designer living in Atlanta and working on anything from logos and identity to brochures and publications.

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    Amy Redmond

    Portfolio of Seattle-area designer Amy Redmond, who specializes in print and interactive design.

  13. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker is a New York based graphic designer with over a decade of experience in environmental graphics and narrative design. I work with commercial, academic and museum clients to develop strategies and deliver soup-to-nuts graphics across exhibitions, branding and websites.

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    Nico Muro

    Creation of visual identities and communication stuffs for private and public companies, events and products.

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    Portfolio of Toni Harzer and Asmund Seip, two designers based in Berlin, working with graphic design, CI, photo, editorial design and illustration.

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    Kevin McCaughey

    Portfolio of Chicago-based graphic designer, Kevin McCaughey. His work includes publications, posters, typography, and packaging.

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    Clay Durkin

    Clay Durkin is a full-service creative source, providing 2D and 3D imagery.

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    Part of Dstruct Collective. More then on-screen Graphic & Interaction Design from Rotterdam.

  19. Emma Bodard

    Emma Bodard

    Emma Bodard is a graphic designer and visual artist located in Montferrier Sur Lez, France.

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    Monica Ferretti

    Monica Ferretti is an Italian graphic designer based in Milan, specialized in brand identity, editorial design and packaging design.

  21. Bruno Viegas

    Bruno Viegas

    Bruno Viegas is a graphic designer from Algarve, Portugal. Viegas communicates concepts through functional and visually appealing designs in different creative fields.