Graphic Design Portfolios

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  1. Furkan Ilbay

    Furkan Ilbay

    Furkan Ilbay is an Istanbul based graphic designer specialized in brand systems and identity creations.

  2. Marquis Love

    Marquis Love

    Marquis Love is a multidisciplinary designer currently working as the Lead Designer of DeviantArt's Creative Studio team. Marquis takes an all-inclusive approach to design. He will cover the entire pipeline from initial conception to final production and launch.

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    Tam Cao

    Portfolio of a multidisciplinary graphic designer who specializes in graphic design, web design, and motion graphics.

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    Graphite Design

    We specialise in graphic design and web design for growing businesses. We have solutions for logo identity, business cards and letterheads, websites, brochures, flyers, advertising and Invites.

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    Tushar Gupte

    Website showcases work of a New York based designer focused in identity, packaging and interactive.

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    David Mascha

    David Mascha's portfolio with a selection of client and personal works. Featuring illustrations for IBM, Hennesy Cognac and more.

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    Gareth Rowson

    Showcasing six years graphic design experience in marketing and branding agencies. Primarily in print, with web design and illustration inclusive.

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    Matt Wilson

    The personal portfolio of freelancer Matt Wilson, based in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Focused mainly on graphic design, samples of his musical composition work and literary endeavors are also showcased.

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    Rene Guillen

    Rene Guillen is an art director / multimedia and graphic designer based in Hong Kong, with almost 10 years solid experience handling and leading design projects ranging from print, to web and multi-media.

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    Shane Zucker

    Shane is a designer and developer based out of Brooklyn, NY. He co-founded The Sketchbook Project where he has been acting as the creative director for the past six years.

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    New media and graphics design portfolio, featuring Flash design, websites, multimedia, print, identity, digital imaging, and other creative work by Vita Papernov.