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    Illustrators 52

    This latest volume of the Society of Illustrators annual is a gorgeous collection of the year's best illustrations derived from books, advertising, comics, and uncommissioned illustrations.

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    Sci-Fi Art Now

    A richly illustrated collection of the newest and most exciting talent in sci-fi art and illustration. Sci-Fi Art Now brings together for the first time the finest, freshest, and most exciting talents in the world of sci-fi illustration.

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    Unruly Alphabet

    Taking the term "word play" literally, illustrator Aaron McKinney sets the alphabet against a backdrop of rebellious behavior in The Unruly Alphabet. From hurling to undressing, McKinney's bold renderings are darkly comical.

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    The Beautiful

    The Beautiful presents the work of today s trendiest and most promising illustrators in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, editorial design, and commercial illustration.

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    Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists

    Whether you have experience drawing or are completely new to it, this exciting workshop-style book provides practical, inspiring, and creative exercises which will expand your drawing skills and provide a framework for integrating illustration with other mixed-media techniques, With a focus on drawing what you love and what is familiar, you will be led through the development of several illustration exercises, which launch from jotted notes and eventually blossom into unique mixed-media creations.

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    Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s

    Featuring over 1,000 beautiful and stylistically diverse illustrations, Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s charts the decade's progression as western economies started to recover and youth culture began to assert itself in the market place.

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    Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s

    Featuring over 1,000 gloriously inventive and stylistically diverse illustrations, Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s traces the decade's dizzyingly swift evolution from the homemaking ethos of romantic coupledom to the stylish liberation of mini-skirted Chelsea girls and the psychedelic palette that evolved towards the decade's close, conjuring a fabulous and euphoric pageant of 1960s pop culture from rediscovered artworks by the very best illustrators of the day.

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    Breaking Into Freelance Illustration

    Breaking into Freelance Illustration provides a step-by-step road-map for illustrators looking to promote themselves and running a creative business.

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    Illustration Now: Volume 2

    Following the success of Illustration Now!, this installment presents a new selection of illustrators from all around the world on a budget price.

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    Illustrators 51

    This 51st volume of the Society of Illustrators' annual continues the new approach of the society to showcase the year's best illustration.

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    The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration

    The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration is a cutting-edge anthology featuring material from established and emerging illustrators around the world, as well as hundreds of full-colour examples of artwork forging new ground across a complete range of visual media. The book features the best illustrators from around found together in one place along with all their contact details. For ease of reference, illustrations are categorised according to theme.

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    Pattern Factory

    Pattern Factory shines a light on unconventional contemporary patterns created by cutting-edge illustrators and graphic designers and showing how these unique patterns are created, applied to products, and presented in stores. With full-color illustrations throughout, it showcases more than 100 images by artists and designers who create distinct and unique patterns and graphics.

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    Illustration Book Pro 02

    This book features 1,000 of the most current and cutting-edge Japanese illustrations. In addition to popular illustrations in fashion, landscape, and character designs, it includes artistic pieces reflecting the present trends in the world of illustration. Pict has selected 150 of the hottest illustrators, and Adrian Shaughnessy, an editor of the U.K. illustration magazine Varoom, writes an insightful foreword for the book.

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    Big Book of Contemporary Illustration

    Following the hugely successful Big Book of Fashion Illustration, this exciting new volume covers the broadest range of illustration available today. From digital drawing, pixilated pictures, and Photoshop fantasies to traditional sketching and painting, it's a showstopping display of style and technique from more than 160 international artists. With close to 1,000 images, the illustrations range over such categories as architecture, fashion, logos, manga, maps, nature, people, packaging, and pop culture.

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    Basics Illustration: Global Contexts

    Comprehensive and inspiring, this work is packed with insightful and thought-provoking commentary. The author introduces the concept of illustration as a form of language and visual communication, conveying ideas, messages, and emotions for cultural consumption.

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    European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century

    This authoritative and groundbreaking publication, written by three internationally renowned design historians, is the first major critical assessment of European design from the last two decades.

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    Illustration Now!

    From magazines and newspapers to ads, websites, album covers, and even mobile phone wallpaper, illustration is a crucial element in visual communication today. With unlimited creative possibilities, illustration is as unbound as imagination itself; whether it's a simple pencil drawing, an ornate airbrushed painting, or a computer-generated image, an illustration speaks the international language of ideas.

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    Forecast: Nozone X

    UN reports and newspaper articles are illustrated with dry charts and graphs predicting technological, economic, and ecological transformations that are already dramatically altering the way we live. Forecast revisualizes these abstractions about everything from our environment to our waistlines, from the stock market to the Middle East through the eyes of cartoonists and graphic designers who have made comics with a conscience.

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    The Russian-born artist Vania Zouravliov creates surreally haunting illustrations. In artworks that often depict beautiful women involved in macabre or erotic scenes, Vania's intense emotional style evokes a nostalgia rooted in the artist's Russian background. The first monograph on the artist's work, this publication presents the expansive scope of an exceptional young talent.

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    Offpiste: In The Land of Kustaa Saksi

    Scandinavian illustrator Kustaa Saksi creates retro-futuristic kaleidoscopic landscapes fusing organic shapes with vivacious imagery and vivid colours into radiating new world psychedelia. Offpiste is the first book to bring his dynamic work in one place for the first time and presents Saksi's artistic journey like an off-piste skier through undeveloped terrain.

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    Graffiti Japan

    Japan has long been a breeding ground for innovative approaches to Western traditions, like movies and baseball. But, the fanatical embrace with which Japanese artists have welcomed graffiti has made for a form of graffiti wholly apart from its Western origins. Photographed by Remo Camerota, Graffiti Japan captures the culturally unique aspects of Japanese street art, providing the most complete look at Japan's contemporary graffiti scene ever compiled.

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    Images 32

    Images is the only jury-selected illustration annual and award show in the UK. The Images 32 annual promotes work by more than 240 illustrators and is distributed to more than 4000 contacts within the creative industries worldwide.

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    200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2007 / 2008

    200 Best Illustrators worldwide 07/08 showcases the work of 200 of the world's best Illustrators in a volume numbering more than 400 pages. The names of the illustrator, agency, art director and client appear under each image. The index of the book also lists full contact details for each photographer.

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    100 Days Of Monsters

    Designer and illustrator Stefan G. Bucher loves drawing monsters, so he filmed himself drawing an ink-blot monster every day for 100 days and posted the videos online. A companion DVD contains movies of each of the monsters being drawn, as well as additional monster stories.

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    Character Design Today

    A character serves as one of the most powerful communication tools which convey a clear message from a company to its target audience, and differentiates its product from the competitors'. This book features 200 successful characters with each profile concept as well as the graphic examples. A featured article about the process of creating a character from scratch is also included with useful examples.

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    Peel: The Art of the Sticker

    Showcasing stickers, interviews and articles from the first eight issues of PEEL, this book celebrates the innovation and diversity of sticker and street art, including interviews with some of the scene's legendary figures like Shepard Fairey and SEEN, along with profiles of international sticker communities, and sticker designs from artists across the globe. And of course, the book has stickers, 69 of them.

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    Illustration Play

    Illustration Play explores new trends in handcrafted illustration, each of which lends a welcome departure from digitally generated graphics. In a bold departure from the pixel based aesthetic, Illustration Play focuses rather on the return to experimental and unique techniques such as paper cutting, stitching, knitting, needlework, origami, patchwork and more.

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    Urban Illustration

    Berlin is an international epicenter for the arts and has become a destination spot for street art creators and admirers alike. Urban Illustration features the most stunning and innovative street art from Berlin, where unknown local heroes and famous international street artists share a common canvas.

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    The Illustrations of Noma Bar

    From famous celebrities like Steven Spielberg to infamous ones like Michael Jackson, to cultural icons like Albert Einstein and Elvis, to political figures like George Bush and Sadaam Hussein, Bar has made a career of creating caricatures through illustrations that rely on the power of association, and sometimes a bit of imagination.

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    Secrets of Digital Illustration

    Illustration is a hot subject, and professional designers, illustrators, and students are all looking for a well-researched, informative, and practical guide to this area of design. Continuing on from the best-selling Digital Illustration, Secrets of Digital Illustration develops themes and features work from countries with emerging graphic design industries, such as China, Singapore, and India.