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  1. Fundamentals of Character Design

    Fundamentals of Character Design

    This book takes a comprehensive, visual, and analytical approach to discover just what it is that makes a character appealing. Understand key principles like shape language, proportion, and exaggeration, and learn from talented professionals who share industry secrets for getting the most out of anatomy, gesture, expression, and costume. Uncover ways to convey relationships and interaction between multiple characters, and how narrative fuels authentic and engaging characterization.

  2. Illustrators Annual 2020

    Illustrators Annual 2020

    Illustrators Annual 2020 is the latest edition of Chronicle Books' yearly publication celebrating artists featured at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Selected by the year's jury at the fair, these illustrators represent the most daring, exciting artistic minds working across the world.

  3. The Fundamentals of Illustration

    The Fundamentals of Illustration

    The Fundamentals of Illustration 2nd Edition by Lawrence Zeegen introduces students to the subject of illustration, taking them through the key skills and practical processes required for the study of this exciting degree course. This edition has been updated with a wealth of fresh visuals and contemporary case studies. It includes new and revised content and examples that reflect the changes and developments in the discipline over the past few years. Current visual approaches are examined and evaluated, along with new chapters on visual thinking, idea generation and the illustrator as an artist.

  4. The Little Book of Cartooning and Illustration

    The Little Book of Cartooning & Illustration

    In The Little Book of Cartooning & Illustration, beginning cartoonists, animators, and illustrators will discover key concepts associated with learning the art of traditional cartooning and animation. With this guide, dozens of tips from the pros will help you find the materials and tools you need to develop your own unique style.

  5. History of Illustration

    History of Illustration

    History of Illustration covers image-making and print history from around the world, spanning from the ancient to the modern. Hundreds of color images show illustrations within their social, cultural, and technical context, while they are ordered from the past to the present. Readers will be able to analyze images for their displayed techniques, cultural standards, and ideas to appreciate the art form.

  6. Reportage Illustration - Visual Journalism

    Reportage Illustration: Visual Journalism

    The power of reportage drawing is in the immediacy of the images that are created and the feeling of the illustrator's presence on location. Comparable in some ways to photojournalism, reportage illustrators are acting as visual journalists, proactively creating narrative work about issues and subjects, translating what they witness into handmade imagery. There is evidence that illustrations connect to people in powerful ways whether they are drawings created while embedded with troops in Afghanistan, documenting during a courtroom trial or recreating the energy of the crowd at a rock concert. This area of applied illustration also provides career opportunities for students and takes them out of the classroom and into different environments and situations. This book features practical information about tools, techniques and coping in various situations as well as inspirational interviews and advice from reportage artists working in the field.

  7. I Wonder

    I Wonder

    This unique presentation features the elaborately crafted word pictures of Marian Bantjes, the most inventive and creative typographic illustrator of our time. Whether intricately hand-drawn or using computer illustration software, Bantjes's work crosses the boundaries of time, style, and technology.

  8. Body Modern

    Body Modern

    Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 images, Body Modern imaginatively explores the relationship between conceptual image, image production, and embodied experience, offering the first in-depth critical study of Fritz Kahn and his visual rhetoric. Michael Sappol concludes that Kahn's illustrations pose profound and unsettling epistemological questions about the construction and performance of the self.

  9. 100 Illustrators

    100 Illustrators

    Drawn from TASCHEN's Illustration Now! series, this go-to catalog brings together 100 of the most successful and important illustrators around the globe. With featured artists including Istvan Banyai, Gary Baseman, Seymour Chwast, Paul Davis, Brad HollandMirko Ilić, Anita Kunz, and Christoph Niemann, the international overview provides an invigorating record of the dynamism and diversity of the illustration scene. Each illustrator is featured with a self-portrait, samples from their portfolio, and a succinct description by Steven Heller, with a supplementary list of selected exhibitions and publications. In his introduction, Steven Heller describes the dynamic realm of illustration today and the challenging process of selection within this highly competitive and ever-moving genre.

  10. New Fashion Illustration

    New Fashion Illustration

    New Fashion Illustration is a visually-stunning collection of illustrated art that encapsulates the marriage of imagination and haute couture. The artwork within ranges from fantastical haute couture to the practical and every-day; some rendered in lush watercolor, others in stark black and white, both figurative and abstract, all expressing the same sharp eye for style, design, and aesthetic beauty. It includes advertising, editorial art, and personal work, conceptual designs as well as pieces realized by some of the biggest brands in the world. Features work by 24 artists, including Sara Vera Lecaro, Masaki Mizuno, Nicole Jarecz, David Despau, oldie, and Pippa McManus.

  11. Relishing Marketing - Illustrations of Food and Drink Packaging

    Relishing Marketing: Illustrations of Food & Drink Packaging

    Packaging is now something more than simple containers; it is a means of communicating with consumers and convincing them to buy a product. Illustration serves a valuable purpose on product packaging and helps the product stand out from a crowded shelf or competitive market. This book showcases the various effective functions of the illustrations on food and drink packaging from the aspects of conveying product information, highlighting product features, reflecting the differentiation, promoting sales, and arousing imagination.

  12. Look Inside

    Look Inside

    Looking at the outside of things such as architecture, anatomy, or vehicles does not usually reveal much about their internal structures and functions. Look Inside features infographics that cut up or take apart their subjects and make them transparent. The resulting cross sections and interior views present precise detail in multiple layers.

  13. Character Design by 100 Illustrators

    Character Design by 100 Illustrators

    Character Design by 100 Illustrators offers a great mix of colorful, whimsical character designs. A visual celebration of design, process, and imagination, this book showcases character designs sorted by color and interviews with some of the designers about the design processes.

  14. Sketching for Engineers and Architects

    Sketching for Engineers and Architects

    Using real working drawings from a 50 year career, Ron Slade shows how drawing remains at the heart of the design process in the everyday working life of engineers and architects. The book explains simple techniques that can be learnt and used to enhance any professional's natural ability. Using over 180 categorised examples it demonstrates that drawing remains the fastest, clearest and most effective means of design communication.

  15. Basic Illustration

    Basic Illustration

    Basic Illustration is the newest book in the Basic series. This book features wide range of illustrations made by artists from all over the world, with different techniques and styles including: realistic, abstract, done by hand, watercolours, acrylics, vectorial, and geometric.

  16. Illustration Next - Contemporary Creative Collaboration

    Illustration Next: Contemporary Creative Collaboration

    This outstanding global survey brings together the dazzling talent of 50 leading illustrators from over 20 countries, among them Julia Rothman, Whitney Sherman and Mike Perry, and also provides them with the opportunity to indulge in a brilliant, creative experiment. The book is curated into two interleaved strands: in the first, each illustrator showcases their own work and is interviewed by the author to shine a light onto what inspires and motivates them. The second strand is a collaborative project with illustrators working in pairs to create original work to one of 25 briefs from the author based on themes ranging from 'beauty' to 'beast' and 'speed' to 'excess.' Each collaboration is accompanied by a joint interview with the two illustrators.

  17. Illustration Now! Portraits

    Illustration Now! Portraits

    This book gathers together the exclusive portrait work of over 80 illustrators from all over the world, many of whom were featured in our Illustration Now! series, including Aaron Jasinski, André Carrilho, Hanoch Piven, Anita Kunz, Jody Hewgill, and Dugald Stermer. The book also includes an index of subjects and an introduction by graphic design historian Steven Heller.

  18. Behind Illustrations 3

    Behind Illustrations 3

    Behind Illustrations 3 features 34 innovative and exciting illustrators. It is a compilation of illustrators from all over the world with very distinct styles and techniques. Each artist had 8 pages that showed some of the their work, as well as a text that explores the inspiration and methodology behind the work.

  19. William Addison Dwiggins - Stencilled Ornament and Illustration

    William Addison Dwiggins: Stencilled Ornament and Illustration

    Known as one of the greatest book designers of all time, William Addison Dwiggins was the first American to call himself a graphic designer and spent his career working in a wide range of fields including type design, calligraphy, illustration, and puppeteering. With countless designs collected by Dorothy Abbe, Dwiggins's former assistant and overseer of his work, William Addison Dwiggins: Stencilled Ornament and Illustration focuses on Dwiggins's typographical designs such as vignettes, borders, and patterns, highlighting his method of book decoration and other uses of stencil.

  20. Lifestyle Illustration of the 1960s

    Lifestyle Illustration of the 1960s

    Lifestyle Illustration of the 1960s is a dazzling collection of illustrations from the 1960s, capturing the work of the decade's most talented US and UK illustrators and graphic artists.

  21. Geek-Art - An Anthology - Art, Design, Illustration

    Geek-Art: An Anthology: Art, Design, Illustration

    For a generation of artists and fans today, our heroic subjects are Mario, Pikachu, Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Frodo, and a legion of other iconic figures from the "geek" culture realms of movies, cartoons, video games, and comics. Geek-Art collects the work of nearly 100 international illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and artists whose inspired interpretations of these beloved characters celebrate them with creative brilliance and a true fan's passion.

  22. Fifty Years of Illustration

    Fifty Years of Illustration

    Fifty Years of Illustration charts contemporary illustration's rich history: from the rampant idealism of the 1960s to the bleak realism of the 1970s, and from the over-blown consumerism of the 1980s to the digital explosion of the 1990s, followed by the increasing diversification of illustration in the early twenty-first century. The book explores the contexts in which the discipline has operated and looks historically, sociologically, politically, and culturally at the key factors at play across each decade, while artworks by key illustrators bring the decade to life.

  23. Illustration Now! 5

    Illustration Now! 5

    Illustration Now! Vol. 5 features 150 illustrators from over 30 countries, including illustration duo Craig&Karl, reportage artist Sue Coe, upcoming Agata Nowicka, old master James McMullan and Syrian artist Youssef Abdelké. The spread includes personal work, as well as high-profile projects for clients such as Nike, The New Yorker, Harper's Bazaar, Google or Time magazine.

  24. How to Be an Illustrator

    How to Be an Illustrator

    How to Be an Illustrator offers practical help and guidance to aspiring illustrators. All areas of the job are covered - how to create a portfolio; the most effective ways to approach would-be clients; how to prepare for meetings and negotiate contracts; and how to handle, deliver, and bill a job. There is advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that can undermine crucial first impressions; how to set up a studio; and how to maintain a flow of work and manage one's time and cash.

  25. Infinite Illustration

    Infinite Illustration

    Infinite Illustration is a new title that features the most talented roster of illustrators from all over the world, examining how illustrative talent can be applied to product, packaging, print, clothing, and industrial design. The projects featured within are unified by a feeling of handiwork, where organic lines, hand lettering, and fluid shapes are corralled into functional, perfected identities.

  26. Illustration Now! Fashion

    Illustration Now! Fashion

    Illustration Now! Fashion features new work from 90 artists around the globe, including Ruben Toledo, Aurore de La Morinerie, Bil Donovan, Tanya Ling, and Jean-Philippe Delhomme. The book includes quotes by experts from the fashion world: Valentino compliments the work of Gladys Perint Palmer; voices out of the studios of Maison Martin Margiela, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and H&M add their praise for the talents in the book.

  27. Behind Illustrations 2

    Behind Illustrations 2

    Behind Illustrations 2 is the second volume to the original Behind Illustrations. This volume brings even more innovative and exciting illustrators to the forefront, and looks behind the work to give a deeper, more personal vision of the artist.

  28. 100 Illustrators

    100 Illustrators

    100 Illustrators features today's most successful and important illustrators from around the globe.

  29. Illustration Next

    Illustration Next

    Illustration Next is an international survey of contemporary illustration, showcasing vibrant individual talents on their own and in collaboration with one another. The book brings together the talents of fifty leading illustrators from more than twenty countries.