Illustration Portfolios

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    Marek Haiduk

    Personal and commissioned works of graphic designer and illustrator Marek Haiduk, living in Vienna.

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    Marios Ioannidis

    Portfolio page of Marios Ioannnidis, with children book illustrations, animations, applications, characters and posters.

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    Raphaël Vicenzi

    Raphaël Vicenzi is a Belgian illustrator whose works are mainly focused on women's portraiture & black and white collages.

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    Amy Ryan

    Amy Ryans diverse illustration portfolio of published and personal work. Within, youll find picture book imagery, character studies, plus published book covers created for older kids.

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    Cam Wilson

    Illustration portfolio of Cam Wilson. Comprises of digital and traditional techniques. Portfolio samples vary from editorial to corporate illustration for international clients. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as traditional line art and watercolor.

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    Jan Langela

    Character design and vector illustrations by Jan Langela. His portfolio includes caricatures of several World Cup players and also his own character The Dodgy Boy, who has many incarnations for all possible aspects of life.

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    Doug Ross

    Dougs portfolio contains professional illustration commissioned for clients such as BusinessWeek, the New York Times, Glaxo SK, TIAA-CREF.

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    Pere Roca

    A look at this Catalan freelance illustrator works, curriculum, contact and some sympathetic downloads.

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    Todd Shulek

    Work portfolio on freelance artist, Todd Shulek who has painted on numerous surfaces over the years and continues to surprise viewers with his unique style and gifted work.