Illustration Portfolios

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  1. Matt Lee

    Matt Lee

    Matt Lee is an artist, illustrator and educator. Originally from the UK, Matt currently lives in Bangalore, South India.

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    Dominic J. Davis

    By combining his love for character design, portraiture, and storytelling, Dominic J. Davis aims to grant others freedom from their personal woes.

  3. Mario Carpe

    Mario Carpe

    Mario is an award-winning creative and fresh designer and illustrator based in Prague.

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    Rod Hunt

    Rod Hunt is an established London based illustrator. Working in Adobe Illustrator, he draws on humour, kitch, retro graphics & contemporary culture. He also gets his hands dirty with 3D model made Illustrations from time to time. Rod has been commissioned by a broad range of UK & International clients in publishing, design, new media and advertising. Rod Hunt's clients include; Alliance & Leicester, Arena, BBC Worldwide, Britannia Airways, British Council, British Telecom, Capital One, Computer Arts Magazine, Consumers Association, Daily Telegraph, DHL, The Economist, Financial Times, FHM, Ikea, Interbrew UK, Investors Chronicle, Marketing Week, MacUser, Marshall Cavendish, Maxim, More!, The Observer, Reuters, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Tescos, Time Inc...

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    Lisa Haney

    Illustrator based in Boulder, working primarily in scratch-board. I specialize in editorial, packaging and advertising images.

  6. Ana Duje

    Ana Duje

    Ana Duje is an Argentinian graphic designer and illustrator based in Barcelona.

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    Don Friesen

    Portfolio for Don Friesen. Freelance illustrator who has a mix of collage and digital graphic style.

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    Dimitry Schidlovsky

    Graphic designer, illustrator and artist. Graphic design, computer illustration, logos, digital art, web design and advertising.

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    Sam Shennan

    Sam Shennan has inky fingers, loves to draw and digs design. He creates surreal worlds and populates them with bizarre, bent creatures and imaginary ideas.

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    Maria Sagun

    Creative new media graduate illustrator, innovative illustrations ranging from freehand to Geometric patterns, design for print, layout designs.

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    Raymond Burger

    Portfolio of Amsterdam based illustrator and logo designer Raymond Burger. He has been crafting of powerful brand icons, logo's and illustrations for international design studio's and advertising agencies for over 13 years. His designs vary from graphic shapes and symbols to detailed decorative artworks. Telling the story with right feel in one image.

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    Mark Franklin

    Mark Franklin is a freelance technical illustrator capable of producing all kinds of cutaway drawings, exploded views and technical graphics. Based in London, but with clients in continental Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia as well as in the UK, Mark has worked extensively for a wide variety of editorial, advertising, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and publishing companies.

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    Ian Moores

    Ian Moores is an award-winning graphic artist with 25 years of extensive experience in researching and designing maps, charts, and other graphics intended to convey complex information in an accessible way.

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    Felicia Atanasiu

    Felicia Atanasiu's website features an illustration portfolio, with specializations in editorial and publishing illustration, advertising, and apparel.

  15. Denise Hermo

    Denise Hermo

    Denise Hermo is a designer and illustrator originally from Buenos Aires, currently living in Brussels.

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    Achilles Greminger

    Achilles Greminger is a graphic designer & illustrator based in Marwil, Switzerland.

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    Greg Johannesen

    Greg Johannesen is a freelance illustrator specializing in the editorial, informational, and children's book markets. He works in digital format with a variety of styles.

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    Tony Linka

    Technical & scientific illustration, 3d models & animations, product & graphic design by Tony Linka.

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    Jane Dixon

    Jane Dixon offers whimsical yet sophisticated graphics. Imagery includes flora, fauna, organic shapes, and editorial subjects.

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    Abi Stevens

    Abi (Abigail) Stevens is an illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. She works in Adobe Photoshop to create colourful digital illustrations of all sorts of things, but is particularly drawn to mythology, science-fiction and interesting objects such as those found in local museums.

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    Michael Heald

    This is the portfolio site of Michael Heald, a highly passionate and driven cartoon illustrator who prides himself on bringing a smile to his viewers face.

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    Rai Escale

    Spanish illustrator specialized in portraits and caricatures, mostly for literary and cultural publications.