Industrial Design Consultancies in the United States

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  1. TEAMS Design

    TEAMS Design

    TEAMS is a strategic global design company with 5 studios and over 100 professionals, including strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers, all with diverse backgrounds. We specialize in brand-specific product- and interaction design, providing user experience research, innovation strategy, and design realization. With over 65 years of experience and over 1.000 acclaimed design awards, we are one of the most decorated and experienced independent design agencies worldwide. Our expertise to take concepts all the way from strategy to realization sets us apart and makes us experts in delivering designs that can be successfully implemented and sustained. Our goal is to provide solutions that matter and to realize their full potential.

  2. Unbox


    Unbox is a full-service design, engineering, branding, and custom manufacturing firm. Unbox works with companies of all sizes and partners with startup ventures to uncover new opportunities and bring their product dreams to life.

  3. NewDealDesign


    NewDealDesign is the San Francisco based technology design firm behind some of the most innovative, lasting products of the last two decades. Led by Gadi Amit, our multidisciplinary team unites people, culture and technology to build joyful digital and physical experiences for the world's top brands and disruptors alike. Notable clients include Microsoft, Google, Fitbit, Deutsche Telekom, Herman Miller, Postmates, AT&T & Verizon.

  4. LUNAR


    LUNAR is a product design and development consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They focus on consumer goods, technology products and medical equipment.

    Mission District, San Francisco, CA
  5. Aruliden


    Aruliden is a product design and brand strategy consultancy formed by Johan Liden and Rinat Aruh in 2006 after 25 years of collective experience in the product, fashion, automotive, lifestyle and cosmetic industries. We help clients imagine, create and shape the future they want by merging strategy, design and marketing.

  6. Worrell


    Worrell is a Minneapolis-based product development firm dedicated to helping its clients gain a powerful competitive advantage by launching innovative products that satisfy real customer needs.

  7. Pip Tompkin

    Pip Tompkin

    Pip Tompkin is an award winning industrial design, brand strategy, and product innovation studio located in Los Angeles, CA. We innovate using our "assume nothing, question everything" philosophy, which encourages our designers to question all assumptions made by a product's predecessors, often resulting in great leaps in advancement through design. Every project we work on provides an opportunity for us to identify new market opportunities, discover new technological frontiers, and pioneer new design solutions.

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    Products Creation Studio

    Products Creation Studio is a full service product development group capable of taking a project from the strategy and initial design stage through the engineering stages to production. Our clients range from small start ups to large Fortune 100 companies. By filling the gaps in our clients development team, we team with our clients to realize their products.

  9. Mixer Design Group

    Mixer Design Group

    Mixer Design Group specializes in product design and engineering for global electronics, bioscience and healthcare companies. Our focus is on making our clients' technology innovations useful and meaningful for their customers.

  10. HUGE Design

    HUGE Design

    HUGE Design opened shop summer 2010 in San Francisco. HUGE combines cultural insights, professional experience and a no-nonsense approach to create visionary products and expressions for industry leaders.

  11. Pulse Design Group

    Pulse Design Group

    At Pulse Design Group, we innovate products, brands and future designs for clients ranging from medical, consumer electronics, industrial, and commercial applications. From concept to prototype to manufactured parts, we can take on all aspects of product development. Our team methodology also includes user research, Graphic User Interface design, branding and packaging as well.

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    James Owen Design

    James Owen is the Principal and owner of James Owen Design. With over twelve years of expertise he has created and developed products and strategies for clients such as Michelin, HP, FedEx, Design Within Reach, Whirlpool, Starbucks, Altec Lansing, Intel, COCIF Italia, NSR, Ltd., and Sharp. He has won several IDSA and Chicago Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN awards and holds multiple patents.

  13. product council

    product council

    Product council is a Chicago based, award-winning industrial design firm. We help companies innovate by identifying new ways to serve and support people. By utilizing strategic design principals; the latent needs, behaviors, and desires of consumers are identified that help create new products, brands, and the interactive experiences that embody them. The goal is to create meaningful solutions, that differentiate in the marketplace, and achieve business success.

  14. Sundberg-Ferar


    Sundberg-Ferar is a product innovation studio born in Detroit with an 85-year deep portfolio representing almost every category of product design. We connect art with science to create meaningful things, services and experiences; elements that drive value and fulfill core user needs. We design with purpose, innovate with emotional & functional intent, and deliver real, manufacturable solutions at scale.

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    Tool helps clients succeed though innovative, user-driven product design. We work with large global companies and small entrepreneurial start-ups on their product design needs and for over 10 years have enjoyed helping our clients connect with their customers in new and thoughtful ways.

  16. Balance


    Balance is a strategic human-centered design consultancy balancing end-user needs with business expectations. We develop an understanding of end-user behaviors, motivations, attitudes, and needs to uncover exactly what will delight your customers.

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    Headquartered in Cincinnati, we are an innovation and product design firm with five locations and more than 80 employees. We help our clients succeed by leveraging our expertise at the intersection of consumer insights, technology and health and wellness to improve the lives of customers.

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    ECCO Design

    ECCO Design is a New York based creative consultancy. We are a team of designers, researchers, engineers, and strategists who, for over 15 years, have worked alongside our clients to create innovative new products and compelling user experiences.

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    A small, high-performing product design, engineering and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles, specializing in functional, human centered products.

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    Sagentia is a global science, product and technology development company, our services span the full product development lifecycle, from new concept generation and technology validation, through prototyping and full product development, to transfer to manufacture and sustainability.

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    Nosh Studio

    Nosh Studio is a product design consultancy based in San Francisco. We visualize ideas & present them through animations. With manufacturing support & experience to get them out the door onto the store shelves. Our team is diverse and experienced in multidisciplinary forms of various product design categories, empowering you with the confidence to out perform the competition, with thorough analytical design strategies and applied knowledge of the moving markets we work with you to get you ahead.

  22. Metaform Product Development

    Metaform Product Development

    Metaform Product Development is an award-winning product innovation, industrial design, and manufacturing company meaningfully optimizing the value, function, and aesthetics of products and inventions.

  23. Lifestyledesign


    Lifestyledesign is a full service industrial design, branding and engineering firm located in Santa Barbara, California.

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    Priority Designs

    Priority Designs is a leading research and development firm helping clients take products from concept to market. Our diverse team of specialists combines their expertise in research, strategy, product design, mechanical and electrical engineering, prototyping and soft goods. We've been partnering with our clients for over 28 years in industries from sporting goods to medical devices, to home goods and more.

  25. HS Design

    HS Design

    HS Design is a unique user-driven product development firm specializing in industrial design, engineering, user interface, prototyping and high technology design. We combine the needs of our clients' end-users, marketing and manufacturing experts to create a customized and focused solution. Our team combines form and function, prototyping and validation until we are confident the design is ready for production.

  26. Spitfire Industry

    Spitfire Industry

    Spitfire is a full-service design studio in Brooklyn founded By Isis Shiffer, an award-winning industrial designer. We are a small but passionate team dedicated to creating thoughtful solutions to the problems facing our world. We help big companies, small startups and everything in between realizing their new products, packaging and UI/UX vision. We are committed to sustainability, smart manufacturing, and leaving the world more beautiful than we found it.

  27. BZDesign


    BZDesign is a multidisciplinary industrial design, branding and marketing agency based in Rochester, NY. Our creative team of industrial, UI/UX and graphic designers partners with clients in a range of industries to bring their innovations to life. From tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, we build and strengthen brands that resonate in a crowded marketplace. We have vast experience creating consumer product and app designs across medical, biotech, and industrial fields.

  28. Engenious Design

    Engenious Design

    Engenious Design is a creative engineering design firm specializing in electronic medical device design. Our team includes electrical, embedded software, mechanical and test engineers, industrial, interaction and graphic designers, as well as others; together creating medical devices and advanced technology products. We plan, specify, architect, design, build, test and transfer to manufacturing, with an infectious sense of urgency.

  29. Peterman Design Firm

    Peterman Design Firm

    Peterman provides product design & development along with branding and start-up consulting to help its clients launch successful products, brands, and companies.

  30. LA NPDT


    Louisiana New Product Development Team (LA NPDT) consists of experts in product design, development, prototyping, and marketing. LA NPDT strongly believes in using collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking to achieve consistent and effective results for our clients.