Industrial Design Studios

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    A2 Design Lab

    A2 Design Lab is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in product design, branding, illustration and interactive media. The main focus of the firm is to develop and design products for the action sports industry.

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    Brandnewdesigns are nonconform metaerotic intentions that became products. Since the year 2000 Main Jost maintains his hands-on style of designing everyday products.

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    De Poorter Design

    De Poorter Designis an Italian industrial design studio specialized in advanced high tech products. Italian design, creativity and innovation for usable ergonomics designs. Design Award nominee.

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    Yek Design

    Yek Design, based in Milan, is a multidisciplinary studio offering to its clients Industrial Design and Brand Communication services.

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    Capellini Design and Consulting

    Capellini Design and Consulting is one of the first professional offices in Italy to deal with environmental design for products and services: Ecodesign. Founded in 1995 by architect Marco Capellini, who operates in the offices of Rome and Milan with national and international cooperations. By means of Ecodesign strategies, products and services with a lower environmental impact are designed in order to respond to new market demands and to comply with the set of rules of this field.

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    We are parents driven by a strong desire to create contemporary products that help simplify our lives and retain our personal style. Our team creates quality designs that are innovative, stylish, and fun.

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    Andrew Lang

    Integrated product innovation. London UK product design and development practice with creative and technical expertise from concept to production.

  8. Di'essi Design

    Di'essi Design

    Di'essi is a product design company founded by interior products designer Laura Krumina. The company offers a wide range of unique and innovative products as well as provides design services.

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    Studio ArKadia

    The objective is to realize a compatible design with the requirements of production and market of the companies with which we work, Without to compromise aesthetic and beauty. From ten years we offer to the companies a design turned to the feasibility and the happened one. The design is born according to accredited processes, from the sketch to the rendering, the prototype to the planning. We have experience in the management of the metal sheet, plastic, injection moulds. Rapid prototyping tools.

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    Studio Ditte

    Studio Ditte is a young design agency specialized in concept development and product design. Studio Ditte is curious, enthusiastic and down to earth. Our work is focussed outwards and is not based on ponderous design trends and movements, but on users' everyday lives.

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    Alexander Lotersztain Studio

    Alexander currently lives and works from offices in Brisbane, Australia and Barcelona, Spain. Projects include collaboration with Japanese company IDEE, Franc Franc, Azmaya, the design consultancy for African Governments and development of products for European Companies.

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    boo: Ben Oostrum Ontwerpt

    Boo mainly focuses on product design, in particular, interior products. But boo is also active in the area of interior- and exterior design. Beside designing, boo also produces a selection of our own products.

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    Our core interest belongs to the world of objects. Things to touch, that we are surrounded with and which we meet every day. Inspired by our environment we develop ideas, that deal with familiar images in search of gaps, leaps and missing links.

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    Den Hartog Musch

    Den Hartog Musch Industrial Design is a man-woman design studio with a 10 year experience in designing and developing durable products for both the consumer and the professional market. Our works ranges from ideas, concepts up to realisation of first prototypes. (Product) innovation is our main focus. Our main goal - besides creating - is a good relationship with our clients and the pleasure in working together. You will find our strategy cristal clear and communication lines very short.

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    RDD Industrial

    RDD industrial operates within the fields of industrial, product and corporate design and functions as network system between the cities of Linz, Vienna (Austria) and Berlin (Germany).

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    Neo Design

    Neo Design is a recently market established design studio dedicated to the production of all sort of products related to the design industry such as for facilities, collectivities or private.

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    Deadgood is a new British brand specialising in designing and distributing, "products with personality".

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    Design e

    Design e has an award winning team with an impressive pedigree. The free-thinking team has created striking and imaginative designs in the areas of automotive, industrial design and consumer product design.

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    Amplifier is a new London Product Design studio founded by Goldsmiths College graduate Florian Kremb. It offers its own product collection as well as design development and consultancy services.

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    For more than a decade now we have been designing internationally successful products for renowned clients. Tailor-made solutions are our absolute specialty. In this context, we rely on our feel for future trends and intelligent concepts.

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    Cologne based design studio for industrial-, furniture-, lighting-, web- and graphics design; modeling and composite prototyping.

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    2ontwerpers is a design studio which specializes in product design and visual communication. We always look for refreshing ways to innovate and create strong, new products and brands.

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    Dynamic product development firm with European designers and an international client base. Based in Hong Kong and China, we offer over 15 years experience working with China manufacturers in a diverse range of product categories.

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    Fink and Co.

    All of the products within the F!NKs range are clearly distinguished by their stunning visual qualities and quirky attributes. Each object in the FINK! range has its own story of development and usually involves some form of innovation both technically and aesthetically. The F!NK range of Australian well designed and articulated objects is particularly attractive to the discerning market that wants something extraordinary.

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    Doodle: Angela Violino and Tim Boyce

    Doodle was established in 2006 following the collaboration of Tim Boyce and Angela Violino on a number of projects. Their objects have been shown at design shows in Paris, London and Milan. In 2007 along with other pieces in the Industreal Ceramic collection their objects were awarded the Wallpaper Magazine Design Award for the Best Debut Collection.